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0.9017 I have a credit card with sooo much money on it, you'd be so happy.." I respectfully declined and his credit card got declined lmao 2.
0.8976 Thank you, that was really great and I'm happy you were my match for cinco de kinko!
0.8788 Here, /u/AuralHoney, hope you enjoy :D
0.8658 Aw that's super nice of you to say hehe :)
0.8548 Hehe thank you handsome ;) Should I take from that that I should post more pics like this one?
0.8531 Alright alright I promise :D
0.8516 Like always it was a pleasure to record with you Bri ;) Consent is 100% given for my voice being used!
0.8207 Wow that was really really creative!
0.807 I really enjoyed it, and all your delicious sounds were just...
0.807 It makes me really happy that you enjoyed ittttt
0.8058 Thank you so much love!

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-0.8331 EDIT: I just realized how freaking SAD it is that I have to tell stories of old dudes hitting on me because literally no one IRL my age hits on me hahahahaha
-0.7184 I said wtf no.
-0.7184 I was 17 and scared and I started crying and my manager was right there so I ran to her and explained the situation.
-0.7125 wtf" and he HID AND STILL TOOK PICTURES OF ME.
-0.4588 They threatened the guy saying if he didn't erase the pics they would call the police.
-0.3343 I totally didn't spend like 10 minutes trying to push my boobs together to make a cleavage because otherwise I just plainly don't have one hahahaha
-0.2411 Hmmm not sure, maybe?
-0.1974 while I was awkwardly doing nothing and smiling, not knowing what to do haha.
-0.0909 I'm kinda shy and unconfident, but ehhh.
-0.0772 I'm serious.
-0.0516 He then complained to the customer I was serving and told him "do you think she should let me take a pic of her?" The customer was like "uhhh.
0.0 Ohhhh go for it!