/u/LittleMako is very positive!

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0.9349 :3 It is the same for personality, I could tell you traits that everyone likes from good manners, a sense of humour, intelligence etc.
0.9252 It enhanced the experience to an extent, but I am biased in terms of me being accepting and extremely positive when it comes to *Senpai* and their beautiful faces.
0.8934 If you were a superhero called, "The Tailor" due to your ability to create costumes and to gain any super power/ability associated with the costume.
0.886 :3 It's always good to be sure one's protected.
0.872 I hope you are feeling better now my dearest Blue.
0.872 I'm certain taking it slow was well worth it and reflected a good grade I hope.
0.8713 All of the love!! Sounds amazing!
0.862 I hope you share more beautiful covers!
0.861 Thank you so much for sharing these delicious looking cakes and tortes!
0.8481 :) I hope Poppy enjoys her birthday cupcakes.
0.8402 I'd be more inclined to take them out for dinner, get to know them better and simply enjoy one another's company. Thanks again, Mr.

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-0.8591 I think there is the fear of performers disappointing their listener's and having their future audios ruined by their appearance.
-0.8453 So it may ruin the mystery and possibly ruin the listener's experience over future audios.
-0.6369 Ah, anxiety is horrible.
-0.5574 Following on from the previous question, who or what would be your sidekick and villain?
-0.5106 Hehe, your ukulele has every to be angry with you.
-0.3804 I could be in the most boring boyshorts and bra ever.
-0.3802 Hello, Confused Senpai!
-0.3597 So, no work.
-0.34 I have heard stories of some going crazy over the smallest details.
-0.296 Who would you tell tomorrow morning?** No one.
-0.296 On your body?** Again, this depends if I'm allergic to sperm or cum.