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0.9481 Freedom isn't an argument when LIVES need to be saved. Please don't use bullshit conservatives do, to justify liberal bullshit.
0.872 It would be great to encourage greater transparency.
0.8402 That's pretty rich. Since Punching people liberals call Nazi's is ok, can we punch self proclaimed Communists?
0.8176 Let's talk about what Trump's love affair with people who have committed human rights violations. Good to know that the head of the majority party in the UK represents no-one.
0.7964 While simultaneously hailing government censorship of stats as acceptable or prefect, or hailing a government saying X is true without releasing the uncensored information to Liberal acceptance.
0.7906 Well good luck. 2.
0.7783 I think he is talking UK defense spray, which you can take straight to eyes and be pretty much ok. https://youtu.be/HKWGr0qUSKg?t=1m24s
0.7351 Hi Friend :)
0.7269 Tactic approval, is acceptance.
0.7096 Neither side truly cares.
0.7096 It seems par for the course with the Fatacceptance and body positivity movement that it is only focused on women.

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-0.9786 Because conservative states have issued death penalties for rape stating that conservatives place the crime of rape right next to murder and high treason in severity.
-0.9666 No, what destroyed my metric for conservatives being pro rape WAS conservative willingness to apply the death penalty for rape.
-0.9593 How could those that "Love" rape and will "Defend rapists" and "never believe victims" want to put people to death for rape, a logic failure that started to crack my devotion to the far left.
-0.9413 You really should research the Assault Weapons Ban, it had magazine restrictions as well as banning guns liberals deemed evil, it had no measurable effect in 10 years.
-0.936 I'm really not following you. Do you think, that I think, that being pro death for rape is an example of conservatives being pro rape?
-0.9313 Also how does that relate to actively punishing those reporting the crime, protecting their children from rape, or trying to bring to light the horribleness of a hardline liberal position?
-0.9015 While a bill introduced at the same to make STEALING A FIREARM A FELONY INSTEAD OF A MISDEMEANOR, was vetoed. Above all you think that pro gun people haven't and don't inform their politicians.
-0.8957 Let me explain it to you this way, Gun Crime is going down at trend X, Policy Y is passed, Gun Crime Continues to go down at trend X.
-0.886 Now the Excessively low sentences being given for rape Liberals don't even blink at, like giving a two month prison sentence for rape of a 13 year old to an 18 year old migrant.
-0.8807 Their stats show rape in Sweden is rising both before and after 2005. Audited sentences for rape from 2009 shows an over-representation by foreigners.
-0.8779 Unless you believe Fascists should be able to point to the Massively higher death toll Communists and Socialists have to justify their evil actions.
-0.875 Also lets remove suicide as the Australian example showed that the suicide rate stayed stagnant even after the confiscation.