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0.9274 Whether that is Financial gain, image gain, reputation gain, or political gain.
0.9228 If one group stands to gain from supporting the truth, they will do so, if they stand to gain from denying the truth, they will do so as well.
0.8807 Where denials for people that meet all the requirements is seen as perfectly ok, because they only sue in 2% of the cases and they always win .
0.8779 Maybe this engagement will get you to at least oppose your politicians that are actively criminalizing all forms of self defense. Thank you and have a nice day.
0.875 I am sure we would get along in person. You want to reshape the democratic party, I want both the Democratic party and the Republican party to dissolve.
0.872 It would be great to encourage greater transparency.
0.8519 Islam, with the views held by members, is fundamentally incompatible with Western Culture. Muslims that truly want western culture and western values can provably peacefully coexist.
0.8402 That's pretty rich. Since Punching people liberals call Nazi's is ok, can we punch self proclaimed Communists?
0.836 Makes God seem like a sweetheart, huh?
0.8099 I don't have a great deal of interest in the topic but do think that guns, like driving, should have a license associated with them so that more people are better educated about the responsibility.
0.7934 "Join us, we aren't a Toxic waste dump, we are only a hazardous waste dump." /s

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-0.9393 I get there are problems, but the lack of debate is troubling. The biggest problem with that is the left has a clear goal of destroying firearm ownership.
-0.9231 It shows that you have already lost the argument. Because the percentage that will throw gays off buildings, and stone women to death for being raped exceeds 1%, you moved the goalpost.
-0.9022 Religious faith and gun ownership are a false equivalency. No, my position was arguing that you are intentionally punishing the law abiding for the acts of criminals.
-0.902 A percentage much higher than 1% is violent. Hell, do you even know what religion is the most persecuted in the world right now?
-0.8885 You can condemn terrorists and assholes without demonizing an entire religion or culture.
-0.8885 If it ends up in the possession of a criminal, its because it was given, sold or taken. So we should base rights on what would hurt criminals, with proven zero consideration to law abiding citizens.
-0.8807 Their stats show rape in Sweden is rising both before and after 2005. Audited sentences for rape from 2009 shows an over-representation by foreigners.
-0.8689 Instead of meaning, China, you're being assholes, stop being assholes. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-pacific-13748349
-0.8519 Case in point /r/politics, anything that could be construed as against the rules from the right results in a ban, but calling for the death of the President gets ignored.
-0.8516 And you have no reading comprehension. Do you think it is logical to list a vehicle attack by a Muslim, when saying non Muslims do it too? If you do, you have to be fucking retarded.
-0.8442 The same as the fear mongering predictions of conservative violence against minorities following the election.
-0.8402 I've said before that Milo is crass and rude, should we censor all those that meet the definition of crass and rude?