/u/Lick_a_butt is kind of a dick.

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0.9062 The rich people on the winning side do pretty well.
0.8555 You falsely believe that your freedom is what sets your country apart from others, but freedom is not a trait.
0.7906 It's pretty amazing to read these comments.
0.7717 Freedom is a natural state of being that society exists in order to upend.
0.7506 You are asking people who are already rich and powerful to willingly change their ideology, which is a giant ask.
0.7184 Americans hold such a propagandized view of the word "freedom" that they cannot bring themselves to admit obvious restrictions of freedom.
0.6901 Bernie Sanders is the most popular American politician alive today.
0.6705 In this insanely popular special election, everyone knew about the candidates and everyone was paying attention.
0.657 What is all this wonderful legislation she has gotten passed?
0.6369 Absolute freedom would be a society-less existence.
0.6124 I hope this can be a learning moment for you, because it's apparently your mentality as well.

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-0.872 Anyone who commits suicide is struggling with mental illness or is in a 1 in a trillion, movie-like moment.
-0.8519 She obviously did, but I am sick and tired of talking about the election.
-0.836 Forget decimals and all that horribly confusing yuropoor nonsense.
-0.8316 To racists. "Nigger isn't a color.
-0.7845 Wtf is wrong with you?
-0.765 Iraq's current status is 100% the fault of the US and the few allies that participated in the war.
-0.765 What a willfully stupid and hateful way to interpret my comment.
-0.7351 It's a stupid freaking username on reddit.
-0.7241 "Half decently clean." It's weird as fuck that you are trying so hard to moralize this.
-0.6181 It's true that I didn't make an argument, just stated my perception of what you wrote, but there were no insults.
-0.5994 The US is just still participating in the war *in* Iraq that the US began.
-0.5994 the Death Panel talking point