/u/Lick_a_butt is kind of a dick.

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0.802 And if they safely sped it up they'd also be a miracle drug for weight loss. And actually they kinda are a miracle drug for weight loss already.
0.7845 This whole thing is just a bunch of free positive publicity.
0.7506 He comes from the super wealthy class.
0.75 Nice fun slave gif!
0.7096 Lol what a relief.
0.7003 Sounds like some fun drama.
0.6486 For example, googling "mdr is lol" provides you with the answer immediately and in greater detail.
0.6378 And "mdr" is used like "lol," not like ROFLMAO, which conveys a greater level of humor.
0.6369 [The best French language education.]
0.6249 Because they grew up thinking Gen X was cool. [Highly popular millenial television.]
0.5994 Because until they are willing to both call for and actually impose a huge tax increase on the wealthy, there isn't going to be a massive jobs program.

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-0.9153 The fuck are you talking about "something in their genes?" The guy is about to die of brain cancer.
-0.8271 What the hell is wrong with you?
-0.7964 But since our government is shit, it's bad news.
-0.711 It sounds like what she meant is that life was so shitty for her anyway at that point that she might as well die.
-0.6705 That's freaking insane.
-0.6684 Hypocritical or not, I'm glad.
-0.6663 Yeah, that I'm aware of, but I should have said that you have to be a little insane to actually believe the Russia investigation has anything to do with criminal activity committed by Jill Stein.
-0.6369 Your economic philosophy classes sucked, because you have no idea what you are talking about.
-0.6249 There are plenty of fundamentalist Christian terrorists in Christian countries.
-0.6077 Most of them hate the Democrats.
-0.5994 They would not even for a second consider war.
-0.5984 Now that Jennifer Lawrence has finally weighed in, everyone knows what to do. It's completely idiotic that this story exists.