/u/Lick_a_butt is kind of a dick.

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0.8316 The definition of gatekeeping you are using is so broad that it encompasses a lot of perfectly normal and positive behavior.
0.8316 Yes, I made up the number, but the required increase in capacity would be truly enormous.
0.8225 Sounds like a libertarian paradise.
0.7473 You can't fix a market failure with a "free market solution." That makes no sense. Don't get me wrong.
0.7275 That's a completely legitimate defense, but clearly someone using this defense should not have access to guns.
0.7003 Sounds like heaven.
0.6996 Yeah I'm free!
0.6908 Like I said, find something else in life to care so much about.
0.69 Not even close to the level of ease as what would be possible if the government just ran a site. But still, thanks for the heads up!
0.6858 You make good points, but it is *still* true that we literally are ALL under surveillance.
0.6428 I love dogs too, but well-fed stray dogs just create a fuckton more stray dogs.

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-0.8402 And they *do* actually have a horrendous reputation for abuse of "enemies." And the Mormon Church has the most centralized power structure of all Western religions except Scientology.
-0.8267 This is so wrong, and it's terrifying that you believe this.
-0.8107 So what the hell are you talking about? Edit: I want to emphasize that even the Catholic Church, with its freaking pope, has a less centralized power structure than the Mormon Church.
-0.7906 Their lives suck, and they make human life suck. And you are still missing my entire point.
-0.7663 I also had friends who said scooby snacks, but that one is sure as hell not clever.
-0.765 What the fuck is wrong with you?
-0.743 This caption is weird as hell. Also, where are the homeless people?
-0.743 People who buy cheaper goods that are available to them are in no way to blame for this problem.
-0.7264 They have extremely difficult lives, and their very existence is a human failure.
-0.718 How can you be so freaking naive?
-0.703 You can't save a sinking ship, especially when the captain has barricaded himself in the bridge with a shotgun and a bomb vest.
-0.7003 He is "gatekeeping" as much as any moderator or any human with an opinion gatekeeps. You might personally disagree with how scary he finds the image.