/u/Lick_a_butt is kind of a dick.

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0.8176 To outright *not* support the minimum wage increase because you would prefer the admittedly superior legislation of UBI is absurd.
0.7992 The man does not actually give a fuck about you or even the integrity of his party.
0.7964 People like this exist, but they are super rare.
0.7579 Or are you just assuming that the best solution must be somewhere in the middle?
0.7351 If tequila is good with chocolate, any liquor is good with chocolate. And honestly, that's my suspicion.
0.7305 A lot of religious ideas make society less safe and successful for everyone by doing so.
0.7165 I then stapled a layer of Relflectix all the way around the entire trailer to boost the R value a bit more and create a moisture barrier.
0.6956 Ok, that's nice and all, but how did you decide whom to agree with?
0.6794 This is more like a nonprofit, news-based version of gofundme or patreon or something like that.
0.6597 The Reflectix is definitely optional , but I strongly suggest you consider the solid foam sheets.
0.6369 Make love, not bruised dicks.

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-0.9118 The Obama administration prosecuted no white collar criminals who contributed to the financial crisis.
-0.8425 Fucking hell, I am tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton.
-0.7906 He's a fraud and a hateful bigot.
-0.7579 Eye-opening about the insane bullshit people believe.
-0.7506 Farmers have gotten downright cruel in the fight against magic shroom hunters.
-0.7096 How in the fuck are you going to try to argue that Donald Trump's election was a form of nepotism?
-0.7063 I always forget that bank robbers are always the most rational of criminals.
-0.6808 And it has *nothing* to do with a single politician on this list. Also, what the hell kind of "major city" do you live in in which you believe 30k is way above a minimum living wage?
-0.6808 To hell with your attempt to handwave away the extreme sexism inherent in the practice of the burka by calling it "a religious endeavor." So what?
-0.659 The most brutal of parries.
-0.658 We're talking about literally poisoning children!!
-0.6486 Maybe they simply are physically incapable of feeling the type of grief you are suggesting.