/u/Leftovas is kind of a dick.

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0.8795 However, on top of being more powerful and better at medium to long range(you think the Virginia shooter this week would have been anywhere near as effective with a handgun?
0.8225 On the other hand in cases where the opposition has the ability to make a difference they would rather obstruct and not do anything than pass any effective legislation, so they're irrelevant.
0.8176 Guess it makes sense a supreme Court decision like this is a major highlight of your day.
0.8176 OP could have easily defended themselves with anything from a bat to pepper spray, but best of all by not letting that clown in in the first place.
0.7269 Switzerland is sparsely populated, wealthy, and their citizens have a strong sense of civic duty due to mandatory service.
0.7096 On the other hand, if I found myself in a mass shooting, yes I would prefer the shooter have a 5 round rifle over a 32 round pistol.
0.7096 Take care of the druggies by offering them help to kick their habit.
0.7096 Pretty smart.
0.6908 From there you can start to help the people who will actually benefit from it.
0.6884 Hope my driver is just held up at the facility and not a casualty.
0.6808 I was just in Europe for two weeks and it's interesting how things that are so hotly debated in the states are already adopted and beneficial to society over there.

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-0.886 It is a lot easier to shoot down dozens of people, hit targets from a distance, or take on multiple police turning city blocks into a war zone with an assault weapon.
-0.8834 "10% had stolen at least one gun, and 11% had sold or traded stolen guns." That's ridiculous.
-0.8658 By that logic they should all be hell holes of violence.
-0.8402 That's half of gun owners supplying criminals with multiple weapons every time they get robbed.
-0.836 We have thrown untold resources at the problem for years now and the problem is as bad as ever.
-0.8328 They were more unsafe before gun control, and there are plenty of high crime cities with minimal gun control.
-0.8225 Loggers and fishermen die because there's a high chance of accidents in their work, not because someone is trying to actively kill them.
-0.8225 We are also aware of the many types of crime that range from gang shootouts to domestic violence to school shooters.
-0.8176 By the way, where the hell are you finding these thorough details on weapons used in mass shootings?
-0.8062 They are either so mentally ill they require forced rehabilitation, or they are druggies who have no intention of utilizing the many resources already available to them to kick their habit.
-0.8055 Are you now saying an unarmed kid with pepper spray is more likely to stop an armed criminal than a law abiding gun owner?
-0.7845 Inb4 I need enough firepower to fight the government and hoards of home invading rapists.