/u/Leftovas is a total dick!

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0.8225 As a fan of British comedy, I appreciate your dry humor.
0.7841 Pretty sure by most every metric Europe is doing quite well.
0.7783 Pretty much the only thing tied to a team are the owners, some rich white guys who nobody knows anything about.
0.7579 Sorry, but IMO public safety should beat out your ability to be armed for bear.
0.7181 This stuff was never an issue to me until people actually started claiming all the guns in America aren't exacerbating violent crime.
0.7003 Some would say, it's better to just limit guns to where not any psycho has easy access to them.
0.6908 Over abundance of chronic homeless, junkies, crust punks, etc make it harder to manage the people who would actually benefit from the help.
0.6808 Lol he's lucky to make it to the end of this month.
0.6623 People think places like France or the UK don't have shitty neighborhoods.
0.6597 And yes, I know there are special units who use shotguns/scoped rifles.
0.6543 It may not be a perfect film but I saw it in a packed theater and everyone was loving it.

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-0.9313 Chicago's murder rate was falling to the lowest it had been in decades until the handgun ban was lifted. Also www.crimeresearch.rog was founded by a gun rights advocate.
-0.8885 A federal agent lost his gun here in the city resulting in a homeless guy getting a gun and killing a tourist.
-0.8847 European countries have these neighborhoods too but there are significantly lower murder rates because they're not warzones that cops are afraid to even go to.
-0.8828 Their gun culture even before the ban was nowhere near ours, which again explains why they have so few murders in the first place.
-0.8816 I'm not sure if people are confusing California for Hawaii which actually does have very few guns(and a very low murder rate.
-0.8689 And yet even with that worst case scenario France still has a fraction of our murder rate.
-0.861 As someone who's pro-regulation this is my view: I fully understand the more unstable and shitty society gets people will be more likely to buy weapons to defend themselves.
-0.8563 My point is that anyone can defend their home with a gun that can't easily clear a room or assault half a dozen police units.
-0.8555 And again, why would we give criminals *more* options to kill?
-0.8442 No one realistically thinks a limited gun ban in a few tiny regions in the US is going to result in instant change.
-0.8415 That's because their murder rate is so low the increases and decreases year by year don't look that significant without exaggeration.
-0.8316 Unfortunately the gun lobby fights tooth and nail to make sure criminals have plenty of ways to get guns.