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0.8795 However, on top of being more powerful and better at medium to long range(you think the Virginia shooter this week would have been anywhere near as effective with a handgun?
0.8519 So aside from that, you want like, a media campaign telling the Muslims of the UK to please embrace "the good versions" of Islam?
0.8225 On the other hand in cases where the opposition has the ability to make a difference they would rather obstruct and not do anything than pass any effective legislation, so they're irrelevant.
0.8176 Guess it makes sense a supreme Court decision like this is a major highlight of your day.
0.7875 If so, I'm pretty sure absolutely no one is encouraging that.
0.765 Or do you want random Londoners to go door to door in Muslim neighborhoods encouraging good behavior?
0.743 Oh god I love you guys.
0.7269 Switzerland is sparsely populated, wealthy, and their citizens have a strong sense of civic duty due to mandatory service.
0.7096 On the other hand, if I found myself in a mass shooting, yes I would prefer the shooter have a 5 round rifle over a 32 round pistol.
0.6884 Hope my driver is just held up at the facility and not a casualty.
0.6755 Let's be honest here, the guys who committed their shootings with pistols didn't leave their AR15's at home.

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-0.9022 Maybe, just maybe, our relative high homicide and violent crime rates have to do with how empowering guns are to criminals?
-0.8883 None of us were there so there's no way to tell, but there's a very big difference between shooting someone in self defense, and shooting someone because you were pissed they broke into your house.
-0.886 No, all these employees are evil and the passenger was a meek victim who probably bakes cookies for blind kids.
-0.8834 "10% had stolen at least one gun, and 11% had sold or traded stolen guns." That's ridiculous.
-0.872 You won't get an answer because they know terrorist attacks, aside from being much more organized and deliberate than some random loner kid or disgruntled employee, are relatively rare.
-0.8658 By that logic they should all be hell holes of violence.
-0.8658 Not only that, they are at much higher risk for terrorist attacks due to how close they are to the middle East.
-0.8649 I don't think it's wrong in general to call a terrorist a radical Muslim terrorist, but too many hear the dog whistle and use it to push their agenda, which is bad for society as a whole.
-0.8402 That's half of gun owners supplying criminals with multiple weapons every time they get robbed.
-0.8402 If you look at the British police force a ridiculously low amount of their officers are killed on duty.
-0.8285 Difference being no one uses fire extinguishers and seatbelts to commit murder to the point they do more harm than good.
-0.8258 Yes, big cities will have stricter gun laws *because* they have more violent crime, not the other way around.