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0.836 It's a fun activity to do with your friends, like go kart racing or going to the driving range.
0.7717 That's just the country gunners love to cherry pick, even though it's culturally and economically much less similar to the US than every other comparable non gun loving country.
0.765 Me personally I love sitting in a crowded theater with a bunch of other people who are as excited to see the movie as I am.
0.7184 Hopefully he can reinvigorate the lamplighter industry.
0.7096 Find a better way to focus existing funds on programs that actually help the ones who want to be helped.
0.6908 According to nutters, Japan would be even nicer and safer with tons of guns, and the US would be on the level of a third world country without them.
0.6597 If a kid is responsible enough to handle a gun safely, they'd be responsible enough to call an adult if they encountered one.
0.6478 Those are two sources, the first two I found, both overwhelmingly agreeing with the concept of semi auto being more effective in most situations.
0.5927 Americans will slowly but surely continue to get their heads out of their asses on guns.
0.5859 Yes, a very diverse bunch as well.
0.5499 I'm not going to try this, but that sounds hilarious.

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-0.9373 And the guy who was killed when he was teaching a little girl to fire an uzi. People make mistakes, and they tend to make them more in stressful situations when they're angry and emotional.
-0.9188 So, first off, those other countries don't have just less gun crime, but much lower murder rates.
-0.8948 This is nothing more than road rage that would only result in someone getting shot or killed if there were a gun involved.
-0.8689 And yet even with that worst case scenario France still has a fraction of our murder rate.
-0.8555 And again, why would we give criminals *more* options to kill?
-0.836 Gun laws in Chicago are the result of gun violence, not the cause.
-0.8271 At the age of 64 he's going to set a dumpster on fire to kill some random immigrants who aren't even Muslim?
-0.803 Yes there are more ways to kill a person than a gun, however they are not as consistently effective.
-0.802 They have gun control and no one died.
-0.7964 It's the obvious disdain for illegals that's racist.
-0.7964 They loosened the gun laws in Chicago btw and the murder rate went up, go figure.
-0.7845 To get stolen by criminals?