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0.926 Yeah but since mine was perfectly fine when I installed it in the switch then I should be OK right?
0.8883 This is the one that I was going to price match best buy on since I prefer purchasing this through best buy..is this one the most recommended microsd card for the switch?
0.8217 Awesome thanks!!
0.8126 which is fine by me :-) just glad that it moved to preparing :-)
0.7964 Well once I buy the sd card I mean..I found this one at best buy am thinking to price match bhphotovideo and buy it is this one recommended?
0.7865 Ok I bought mine on amazon..here is the front and back of the packaging just want to know if I Need to send mine back or its OK: http://imgur.com/RM9va4n http://imgur.com/Zj4ZjWW Thank U
0.7783 Me Pretty Please :-)
0.765 I see this under my order Credits -$15.61 So does that mean I will be getting the credit..awesome if true :-)
0.7519 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AQM8586/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I have that one and it works GREAT!!
0.7506 Great I already see it on the order itself so that means I will get it..great news :-)
0.7096 Neon Switch arriving tomorrow via fed ex..but from best buy my amiibos and pro controller STILL have not shipped..neither has my zelda game from amazon still shows not yet shipped arriving tomorrow

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-0.6597 Thats strange..too bad that joycons charger that I bought was delayed til the 31st for release
-0.5429 So really not sure what to do..leave it alone or send it back?
-0.4767 I formatted my microsd card in my switch without any issues, not even the slightest issue so I think mine is fine..if something were wrong it would have happened as it was formatting not days later
-0.296 No I didnt do that..how do I turn it OFF when its on the dock?
-0.25 Mine still says preparing, been saying that for days..same goes for my pro controller still stuck at preparing
-0.2411 I believe my card is legit, I posted some photos earlier its in legit packaging not sure if that makes a difference
-0.2127 i did not purchase an external drive yet but I was considering the Western Digital My Passport 4TB USB powered hard drive just wasn't sure if its recommended to have USB power or ac power for the ps4
-0.1695 Doesn't FAT32 only allow up to 4GB?
-0.0935 Im really not that technical so I would have no idea how to do that..so if I do it with the enclosure I can connect it to the PS4 just like any external hard drive?
-0.024 I guess its better than keeping it in sleep mode which is really annoying I have a question about the wrist straps, what is their function?
-0.017 yeah I have one for my Wii U but dont want to have to keep on taking it out and plugging it into the Switch so want to get another one..any recommendations?
0.0 oh I dont use a switch box, I just use the oneconnect box that came with the TV