/u/KuroShiroTaka is kind of a dick.

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0.7003 Go to bing, turn safe search off, search your fetish, profit
0.7003 Pretty much sums up the 20 years I've been alive to see Republicans.
0.6542 Wonder what the world would be like if he wasn't such an ass
0.5574 Decided to create a Deviantart account to upload screenshots like these because I'm not turning them into fucking JPG files just to get past Imgur file limits.
0.5574 Guess that could also explain why the recent reviews went from "Mixed" to "Mostly Positive"
0.5106 Humorously, it is designated B6 III despite being the complete opposite of giant .
0.4404 Eh, good thing I root for the Ravens....
0.4404 But will get "WURLSTAH" fame
0.4215 Thankfully, INV Trasken Duval III wasn't near a star .
0.4215 Win: Smarts, Hair, maybe health Lose: Vision problems, lack of focus, OCD tendencies regarding certain activities.
0.4215 I still find myself amazed that there are people that can screw up a chicken sandwich order when it is literally just putting a piece of chicken between 2 slices of bread.

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-0.743 Yeah, thankfully, I avoided getting ass fucked by the black holes
-0.7351 Is it sad that I only heard the term gimbal in Elite Dangerous?
-0.6597 I'm gonna guess it resulted in some fucked up subreddits being made
-0.6486 Can't fucking believe I used to take that shit seriously.
-0.5994 Makes me wonder if a war is brewing.
-0.5574 They will show him that he is too shitty even for the Browns
-0.5574 I saw that shit on /r/all
-0.5574 IT: Because you think CompTIA certs mean you're hot shit.
-0.5267 That's just asking for agent provocateurs to sabotage it
-0.5106 Shame my computer is dog shit, because otherwise this would make for a sexy pic on ultra
-0.4588 I find it difficult to enjoy horror movies when the main characters are fucking idiots
-0.4215 And it annoys me