/u/KuroShiroTaka is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 If he heard of the actual God Emperor, He'd want people to refer to him as the Super Ultra Bigly God Emperor
0.7227 I'm in the burn out period, but I still login every single day to get the reward
0.6566 I had to google that to make sure that wasn't bullshit.
0.6486 Not a toon post, but I'm amazed there hasn't been a post from that one guy known for homoerotic looking comics of Trump
0.6369 This sounds exactly like the Tea Party
0.631 Not related to this, but just checked Gallup and 538 and noticed that Trump's approval rating the past 2 days had a noticeable rise (Gallup: 37/58 to 42/54.
0.6275 Yeah, one of the reasons why I'm less than enthusiastic about marriage.
0.5719 Yeah, I needed to get plenty of reassurance before I thought about making my first Neutron star jump
0.5106 If I had to guess and feel free to correct me on this, UAs can be found near the Pleiades and UPs can be found in the SOI of Ammonia worlds
0.5106 Always a fun black card in CAH
0.5106 Legend of heroes series

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-0.8689 Holy shit that is stupid even by jackass standards
-0.8074 Hell, it even has its own Discord Server
-0.7964 Or just use the Guild Wars 2 login system instead of whatever the fuck Warframe uses.
-0.7783 And making buying gaming GPUs a pain in the ass because of people buying them in bulk, leaving them either out of stock or with the prices jacked up.
-0.7324 I wouldn't be surprised if he pardoned spicy for stealing a damn mini fridge.
-0.7003 Welp, at the very least the heavy grind and shit RNG has prepared me for Elite Dangerous
-0.6988 Fuck you!!" But seriously, I'd imagine those people are scrooges.
-0.6808 Hell, we're talking about something that can disembowel and/or tear out the entire midsection of someone twice their size with a rapier
-0.6808 Wouldn't go that far yet, the Steam page hasn't been review bombed to hell.
-0.6697 I think that was one of the most pissed I've seen my mom .
-0.6597 There is also Subreddit Cancer
-0.6124 Hopefully the bottle has tobacco spit on it for that +2 poison damage.