/u/KratzALot is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9223 I love it and will eventually not be lazy and do a thanks :D
0.9169 This makes me feel good You're an amazing friend :)
0.898 I suck, but this is really fun :D
0.872 Just a reminder to tell your friends how much you appreciate them and how great they are.
0.8455 They're great :D
0.836 A few friends and I played a game called "Champions of Midgard" last night.
0.8271 My friend told me randomly tonight and it made me smile :)
0.823 What I did know was its director is Edgar Wright, so I felt confidence for A+ movie :D
0.8143 You're exchange gift from me contain just all the food XD
0.8091 And of course I love the food :P
0.7959 amazing! Favorite comic book movie?

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8478 Man, I remember when this series was just a bunch of dudes swearing and making crude jokes with some weird ass story line. Now their stories go and give me the feels!
-0.8381 Trying to get out of my shitty job and start a new career, but everything just seems to go in one ear and out the other :( QotD: I have no idea, hmmm...
-0.8176 Biggest problem being I'm trying to study my way into new career, but I'm the worst at studying.
-0.8074 I'm trying to get out of my shitty job I hate.
-0.7184 I have no clue wtf I'm going to send
-0.6369 those people are assholes and are horrible friends.
-0.63 There's one more thing I need to get you, but it might have to wait till Saturday to get :( /u/neongreenpurple, I got your exchange!
-0.6249 Total dickhead.
-0.5875 I might have you switch if you aren't helping" hahaha
-0.5849 I'm so horrible at this.
-0.5719 They probably hate me lolol
-0.5574 That died long ago.