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0.9081 Sitting out on the front porch with a nice cool breeze, listening to the rain fall and reading a book is pretty great.
0.8795 I would love and greatly appreciate you're help
0.8579 Yesterday was shit, but it ended pretty okay, and now today is Friday, so that's nice.
0.8494 I'm in love :D
0.8398 Your winner and NEW Playground champion!
0.8326 I've had few friends tell me they'll help/look over it, but I'm not gonna say no to more :)
0.8211 I'm funny!" Which is so true, and great. Side note, this is why Alien is probably my favorite horror film.
0.7964 Great idea to at least check haha
0.7964 I love the games very much, and I heard the books are just as good.
0.7959 Ahhhh yes, that would be great too!
0.7876 This is going to end horribly for me, but it sure will be amazing.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.872 Not that is was a bad game, because it was great, but I regret the loss of sleep that came from that damn game.
-0.7506 Just fuck off, I can be tired without having kids.
-0.7319 When I say I'm tired and somebody who has kids says "How can you be tired??
-0.7227 I love him to death, but he will search high and low for that damn ball.
-0.6298 "Why are you bringing brass knuckles on this flight???" "I'm flying United." "Oh shit, I didn't know.
-0.6114 Negative 12 minutes left!
-0.5849 I'm really bad at this whole adult thing.
-0.5719 It's the only thing I hate about going out with him.
-0.5255 Ugh, I'm sorry!
-0.4767 Found out he passed away in motorcycle accident.
-0.4767 that's even worse.