/u/KratzALot is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9169 This makes me feel good You're an amazing friend :)
0.898 I suck, but this is really fun :D
0.8668 Never has a captain perfectly conveyed what the face is saying XD
0.8455 They're great :D
0.836 A few friends and I played a game called "Champions of Midgard" last night.
0.8335 Everything about it is pretty standard and cheesy, but the gameplay is so much fun!!!
0.8045 It does seem really nice, but it's early and I'm fat and way too out of shape xD
0.8016 Read that as "flexes bookshelves." I was really impressed for a second xD
0.7959 Hahaha those pretty much all the places I hit!
0.7777 QotD: I love fan theories!
0.7739 Or were you too young when it first came out :P Either way, get it on PC now hahaha

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7184 I had ant problem last summer, I feel your pain.
-0.6486 Reading these comments now makes me wonder if taking that interview for geek squad was a bad idea...
-0.6369 those people are assholes and are horrible friends.
-0.6249 First is worst.
-0.5875 I might have you switch if you aren't helping" hahaha
-0.5849 I'm so horrible at this.
-0.5719 They probably hate me lolol
-0.5014 It's not too late, it's never too late :D
-0.4767 Maybe I'm wrong.
-0.455 They won't cut you so bad.
-0.4404 I still suck.
-0.4019 Being such a damn picky eater.