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0.9349 I play it with a few of my poker friends and they love it because it's basically like poker haha
0.9337 I want to gift my favorite report, but no way to know who did it :P So I'll just list my favorites hahaha
0.8555 And yet, I can still remember the phone number of my best friend growing up.
0.8514 In case you actually care, I'm totally okay with being single, and I'm definitely okay with not having kids.
0.8481 I'm pretty lucky to have you as a friend
0.8441 <3 And it was worth every penny and very early flight :D
0.8286 Guess I'll just have to call that number if I'm stranded somewhere, without my cell, and hope someone still uses it XD
0.8283 You still keep telling me to come back haha :P And I promise I'll get back there next year!
0.8225 It's really the only game I care to play haha
0.807 Hope you all had great international women's day!
0.807 Thanks for gifting, you're awesome!

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-0.7088 And if you live in cali, who the hell did I meet last year?!
-0.659 So worst case scenario, plan another trip to Ireland?
-0.6486 here is mine... [Here are pics of my LoZ tat, silly face and a bad attempt at Kim K crying face.] Dad Joke: Who do chicken coops only have 2 doors?
-0.6486 Then while out working in his shop, just fell over dead.
-0.6124 Attack move is probably the biggest thing I forget to do.
-0.6115 Really hate that Sidney Crosby fella.
-0.5859 There would be snow, and we'd make snowmen and I'd listen to her bitch how cold it is the entire time. I think I did this right?
-0.5423 After watching that video, I actually feel bad for the Flyers.
-0.5423 You ever notice in movies/TV that they'll show the bad guy and/or asshole will have a scene with them eating an apple?
-0.5413 This guy is fucking pitiful.
-0.5106 What about us couple ugly ones?
-0.5023 I'm not parent, but I know enough that I think a messy house is common for parents.