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0.8639 Aw, thanks <3 In high school I never felt smart because all of my friends were smarter than me, so it means a lot when someone says that
0.8479 Had some neuropsych testing for my ADHD After 3 hours of testing, he said that I seem like a smart person with ADHD This makes me very happy
0.836 Yeah, someone said that the Chinese food was the best meal they've had since they got here And we all sat at one table and it felt like one big dysfunctional family
0.8268 Thanks for making sure I'm taking care of myself though!
0.8176 Well, we're going to be on lockdown until at least Thursday afternoon But at least one positive thing is that we got fish for dinner tonight, which is nice
0.7906 I'm roughly 30 minutes from him, I think, and a lovely hour from my parents I just have to make sure that they allow pets because I need my little ones
0.768 I was running back to the unit and showered super fast just to make sure I didn't miss it:(
0.7391 My mom gave me a flower arrangement that smells amazing, but I left it in the main room of our unit, and it makes the entire place smell good It's made a lot of people happy:)
0.7264 I eat better here then I ever did on the outside, In the cafeteria, there's fish almost daily, and normally really good vegetarian options
0.7003 Today was a lot better than I thought it would be, thanks for asking:)
0.6908 they don't approve passes unless you're with family, even though it says on the sheet that if it's with "family friends or significant others" and you put as relation: significant other -.-

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-0.7096 Someone else and I teamed up against the guy I've been seeing against scrabble and lost terribly
-0.691 Lol, close Two people in our unit got really sick, so to prevent the spread of it, we've been in lockdown since Sunday, no going outside, so no AA meetings/gym/cafeteria It's not helping my mind
-0.6542 Well, he went into a manic phase, and got arrested, he went back to the ER, but they transferred him to a psych hospital for medical detox but no bad news today, which is nice
-0.563 Visit my parents a lot more than I want to just to see my little ones Or break the rules, Most places say "no pets" but really mean no cats, dogs or larger animals
-0.5267 No one has mentioned allergies and no one has been sneezing more
-0.4684 I just want to get out of here and now I can't and I feel so helpless, I can't stop crying I'm so scared for my brother
-0.4588 Hopefully, Thankfully I'm should only be here for two more group therapies, but I feel bad for the people left behind:(
-0.296 Lol, no worries
-0.296 welp, we should be on lockdown until 10am tomorrow morning No gym for tonight I guess:(
-0.2023 Basically cried myself to sleep last night, but at least I slept until almost 11 Today is going to be rough At least I get to see my little ones
-0.2023 I haven't even thought about that Holy fuck yes I will
0.0 I'm just sitting here watching infomercial on youtube I need a life