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0.8755 Diagnostic went mostly ok Family therapy went better, Personal therapy was nice just to talk naturally I'm so excited to do nothing this weekend
0.875 She said it was the highlight of her day which made me feel special And thanks, it's definitely going to be intense
0.8639 Aw, thanks <3 In high school I never felt smart because all of my friends were smarter than me, so it means a lot when someone says that
0.8591 They were so cool So everyone in my family is alive, so that's nice, My therapist agrees that the out patient program I'm in isn't the best for me, which is encouraging
0.8479 Had some neuropsych testing for my ADHD After 3 hours of testing, he said that I seem like a smart person with ADHD This makes me very happy
0.8316 Thanks, I'm glad that my in patient experience was a billion times better
0.807 It went mostly ok And I'm glad you liked it too!
0.7906 I'm roughly 30 minutes from him, I think, and a lovely hour from my parents I just have to make sure that they allow pets because I need my little ones
0.7845 Lol, that's awesome
0.7717 This is precious, oh my goodness
0.7344 I'm liking this out patient place less and less I don't see why this place is so special compared to just therapy and AA besides this being many times more expensive

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-0.9294 I don't know, but my sister lives right next to him, and he has his guns back, I'm terrified for my parents, her and for him, since he said he was suicidal
-0.8402 More drama with my brother, including threats to family and guns Fuck mental illness
-0.8316 Thanks, I just want to go home, where ever that is right now, and cry Instead I'm stuck at this stupid out-patient program where they take my car away for two weeks Fuck all of this
-0.7783 My computer is freaking out, It was lagging during my video games, and now the sound won't work for my movie :(
-0.7351 :( They re-tarred the parking lot at my apartment during finals, I feel your pain
-0.6705 I was told there wasn't going to be any alcohol at this wedding I was lied to :(
-0.5994 Got more news about my brother, I can't tell if it's good or bad, looks like another night crying myself to sleep This week has been awful, I just want it over
-0.563 Visit my parents a lot more than I want to just to see my little ones Or break the rules, Most places say "no pets" but really mean no cats, dogs or larger animals
-0.552 Well I wish he'd see it soon, He's hurting my parents and sister so much, he threatened them with a gun
-0.5423 So my brother has been arrested This week is starting out pretty terribly
-0.5189 I never like it when Android updates, it always looks so weird after
-0.4767 Today is the last day of second year Im just going to delete the Facebook app for a week, I'm already sad enough, I don't need to see that