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0.8625 I played overwatch for the first time, it's super fun
0.8519 Yeah, and the place I went to is one of the best in the country, so he'll be in good hands
0.7964 Yeah, people are sad that I'm dealing with it early in my sobriety, but I'm just glad it's not during school, at least I'm in Houston with a support system
0.7804 LMAO, ok Ezra
0.75 I hope you enjoy your time there!
0.7346 Talked to my brother for the first time in weeks today, It was really good, and he said he'll go to the place I went to :)
0.7251 Meowchat sounds like it would be so much fun though:(
0.6855 I know people don't like the game board, jut I think it's really fun much better than using emojis
0.6705 Thanks, here is one of the few places that helps
0.6588 It's super easy to lose weight when you aren't drinking almost three handles of vodka a week!
0.6486 Thank you, we're just hoping it's an infection and not something worse...

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-0.9062 We thought Bijou would be ok after getting her glucose down, but she's still not doing too hot It's either heart failure, renal failure, or her body trying to recover Im not getting my hopes up:(
-0.8442 Poor Spencer :( Edit: and poor Mona
-0.784 Watching a series finale for shows makes me so sad, especially when there are cliff hangers :(
-0.7553 I'm in a similar situation so I know how stressful it can be :(
-0.7506 My brother is going to be home in 15 minutes Fuck tonight is going to suck
-0.659 Ezra is the fucking worst
-0.653 Im just so so sad
-0.6159 Caleb doesn't look to enthusiastic about handing out with Ezra Who can blame him though
-0.6113 Ezra is so gross, I can hardly watch his scenes
-0.4939 I tried to take a picture with Mia, she got distracted https://imgur.com/59FnJ35 Finally got one where she was kinda paying attention https://imgur.com/76zQT1f Shes a good clueless puppy
-0.4927 Whisper gives out random usernames, so I'd have to try to get info out of him, which means talking to him more :(
-0.4767 What is wrong with people