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0.8453 I think I actually got a good night sleep last and I'm not stressed out paniced/incredibly anxious like I was yesterday Yay!
0.8313 Seattle is the best, have fun!
0.8024 Lol, I'm in dental school, the instrument quiz for for hand instruments Kinda like these https://cdeworld.com/media/655
0.7906 I ordered a contouring kit from Amazon so I can finally use my new make up brushes Super excited
0.7512 I felt really confident last year and I totally failed the test, but nailed the practical, but I'm feeling really really good about this, so we'll see
0.7345 That's a lot of stuff all at once, good luck!
0.7096 Thanks, I'm just glad tomorrow is Monday
0.7031 DIDNT FAIL MY DENTURES TEST Granted, I got a 70, which majorly sucks, but I didn't fail! Edit: didn't fail
0.7003 The time I went there, the weather was amazing Granted, I was there for a couple of days, not a large sample size
0.6901 Yall, I can make a shirt that says Make the internet And something Someone put "better than dental school", which I really like

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8313 I've just been sad and so lonely all day :(
-0.7646 Turns out my doctor has been giving me half the amount of my ADHD meds than my doctor in Houston No wonder I've been so freaking tired
-0.6965 I AM SO JEALOUS OF HER I started my day with a local anesthesia test -.-
-0.6362 I am full on hating my life to right now, I can't sleep, I'm not tired at all, and all my mind wants to do is tell me how much of a failure I am
-0.5296 Thanks, it's so frustrating that I've told them this problem so many times and they just blow it off
-0.5106 Some of y'all might remember my computer having trouble last year Well, the entire time I've had it, I've had trouble connecting to the school internet.
-0.4215 test I've taken from him, and he's never asked this before and I'm freaking out
-0.4019 Ugh, my alarm just went off during class, and it felt like it took forever to turn it off
-0.4019 How bad I am depends on who I'm playing
-0.3744 Idk, my primary doctor is the one that monitors my ADHD meds, and that's one of the ones I need, so it's extra confusing When they call back I'm going to ask why they didn't tell me too
-0.357 One of my least favorite people decided to sit next to me today Boo:(
-0.296 Yesterday was a disaster, so today has to be better right?