/u/KevyB is a total dick!

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0.8977 Good job proving his point, people also accept the news "they feel more comfortable with", rather than what's true. Man, you people are beyond saving.
0.8957 Pretty funny how all the positive reviews sound like generic drivel that can be applied to anything if you try hard enough.
0.8689 It seems too much cock has limited your ability to process words, nowhere is it stated that he is gay, it's all a bunch of fanfic and wet dreams of degenerates like you. It's nice to be right :)
0.8126 Wait your turn like a good lil' feller, until then open wide :)
0.6486 I know the fucking asshole who made superhot irl, trust me, he's a cunt you'd love to punch in the face.
0.6369 A true diamond.
0.6369 I can already smell the compilations of femsods getting 360 noscoped. It will be glorious.
0.6361 Fucking lmao
0.5994 lmao at this fucking child, go whiteknight somewhere else.
0.5574 He's trying to make it clear to your limited mind that Islam is absolute, you don't get to pick parts of it and call yourself a muzzie. Sheesh you people truly are something else.
0.4404 Good, the parasite will wither.

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-0.9524 Fuck autodesk, worthless piece of shit company that terrorizes game development studios with their immoral contracts.
-0.8779 Lmao so first they release a shitty dlc pack and gate all the coolest shit behind it in order to pay for their lost lawsuit, then they bully some reviewers on YouTube, and now they try to buy votes?
-0.8658 This vapid cunt is just plain disgusting, misshapen and bloated in all the wrong places. Just...
-0.8555 That's pretty pathetic, these sad whores are actually scouring the likes of tinder in order to anchor themselves? Holy shit they need to be deleted from reality.
-0.8508 It's fucking awful, avoid nahimic at all costs - you will NOT be able to record normal sound in your games while running on the internal speaker set. Fuck.
-0.8419 That bitch so ugly I revel in it.
-0.8121 It's nice that you're virtue signaling with your hate for the don, but to deliberately make yourself look like a retard in order to do so, is something quite pathetic.
-0.8074 Fuck off bitch.
-0.7845 Another bunch of morons with their nonsensical overtrash jerk. Standards are low, so low.
-0.7713 Runs *and* hacks, it's fucking pathetic and beyond annoying.
-0.75 Damn bro you're in for some revenge! We scawwed ;(
-0.7114 Same, ran 100+ dungs so far and didn't have a single problem with them. Well maybe except for the occasional retard tank who doesn't even tank but just smacks shit.