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0.9738 Very gorgeous photo, thanks for sharing, love it, olives are so amazing haha
0.9723 definitely does, new to him, love what I'm seeing on 205Live, great that he's picking up wins and some momentum, strong quality about him, great to watch
0.969 I love it too, that Neville/Swann match for 2wks ago was so beautiful to watch, Gallagher/Daivari is a fun feud, they work well together. Kendrick is just amazing, love him.
0.959 I would like to fall in love though, always wondered what it'd be like to meet the love of my life on a train journey or something, soppy romantic guy here haha.
0.9535 Legs and ass are amazing, boobs are boss, very lovely face, awesome taste in glasses, very cute room too, I love you
0.9265 Very hot, I'm a virgin too, you seem like a great, accommodating girl, I appreciate that. So hot, about to read part 2, I'm so hard right now haha, cheers
0.9255 Ah he's so beautiful, I hope he knows how gorgeous he is!
0.9169 And I'm in love, beautiful body, amazing lips, Irish.
0.9166 "When I was 13, had my love, she woke me up daily, don't need no Starbucks!" Luda is cool though, love his rapping
0.9118 haha thank you, I'll always be a romantic, used to write silly love letters to school crushes as a child haha.
0.9109 hahaha this is so great, it is kind of cute too

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-0.7184 poor woman :(
-0.5994 Nah, bad you. Tech is constantly changing and there'll always be something new to explain, especially within the UI.
-0.5423 Must just be a bad experience
-0.5279 Yeah just remember your inhaler mate, try and a bit less careless with potentially life threatening situations
-0.5106 Oh fuck, what an ass, I want to slap it and kiss it and lick it
-0.4588 couldn't be any further from awful, you have such enchanting Disney eyes
-0.4019 Full Sail crowd are annoying at times though, I prefer it how it is now
-0.3071 Gallagher and Daivari worked well together, I'll miss this feud
-0.296 Bit of an exaggeration no?
-0.2755 It's a phone at the end of the day, don't like it?
-0.1761 This had me quite hard
0.0 Deke Stokes is in the hoooooooouuuuusssseee!!