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0.9564 Amazing look, fantastic physique, great look, amazing to watch, his elbow drop is so good!
0.9336 Love his singing gimmick, love the heat he gets, lots of potential, I hope Booker talking him up is a sign that those in charge really like him.
0.9303 I really love it, loved this weeks episode more than last weeks, loved how Will.i.am was bursting with ideas for Tracks.
0.9274 Such a fantastic woman, beautiful smile, infectious laugh, she oozes prestige and honourability in her entrance, so captivating, nobody comes close.
0.924 I knew this, but I still like to double tap the home button haha, so good.
0.9148 Didn't like this at MITB, played it a bunch, love it now, very Foreigner-ish or something. The Power of Love is here! Excited for this reach Apple Music!
0.9061 It's why I love Apple, they really do care about their customers, so nice to see.
0.9042 haha love it, such a gorgeous boy
0.9001 I love her mole, adds to her beauty haha
0.886 Beautiful woman, would give her a thousand hugs and kisses.
0.8805 Loving her lately, way hotter than JoJo, and JoJo is pretty nice!

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-0.9665 Bloody hell, she's awful, "Do you accept that you misread the level of anger and resentment?" "This was an awful tragedy.." Yeah we know, answer the chucking questions woman! Ah she's so bad!
-0.5848 The Big Hog did bad!
-0.4585 I know, but "They weren't on 205 Live" isn't true
-0.4118 Its annoying, but its funny cos of how it annoys me so I dont mind it, but it invades ya brain like mad
-0.3818 just type carrot, the right emoji will pop up, Jesus, chill out mate, you seem rather annoyed?
-0.34 hated avocado until a few years ago, I'm 25 lol.
-0.3182 You must have a faulty iPhone?
-0.3102 Man I miss Test, always hoped he'd have one more WWE run, severely underrated
-0.296 Was told no.
-0.2732 She could at least cut a promo
-0.2244 haha I am too, shit forgot about the one handed keyboard!
-0.1027 I'm gutted Apple Pay p2p is only in the US at launch, why might that be?