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0.9621 Love this, I love when they go to the Indian comm team, the one on the left seems so boss, always enthusiastic and joyous, wish I knew Indian so I could watch a PPV listening to them.
0.957 Ah beautiful Olive, glad she found her way back home, that gorgeous face! Yeah she does look disappointed in herself haha, love her!
0.9557 Fuentes, so funny. Brilliant in the ring, huge joy to watch, love his headbutt
0.9517 Natural beauty, love her, one of the best looking women in the world for sure
0.9501 Love that last shot from the special, definitely looks iconic, would love a big poster of it, Regal's face is boss too haha
0.9485 Love these vignettes, love his beautiful theme, so glad he's doing this again.
0.946 Yeah I'm a huge fan, think he's hilarious, would love to hang out w him for the day, he seems boss. Love how he refers to Dasha as Miss.
0.9403 Love her like a love song xD
0.9381 He's so good in S2, love his and Dev's friendship, love Little Bud and Big Bud
0.9273 That's drugs!" haha saving this for when I need a good laugh, this is amazing
0.9201 Taylor Swift is #1 on my celebrity crush list, love her and her music. Man crush is Keith Urban, such a great man, love his music too

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.784 I always try this, always fail miserably!
-0.7713 Such an ugly redesign, very disappointed with it.
-0.7534 I wasn't watching then, but I can't help but imagine that'd be annoying to load up the WWE App, or did you always keep it running?
-0.6946 The End is prob my least fav, it was worth watching, but it was the weakest
-0.6015 Yeah but it doesn't know the number, so how can it block a number that it doesn't know?
-0.5562 But he looked at your pictures and hnnnng!... What an idiot
-0.5086 Exactly, I'm from Liverpool, England, strong accent, Siri doesn't understand great so for me to text Siri would be great
-0.4805 How can it block if it doesn't show the number?
-0.4147 I like a bunch of their songs, but I'm not like a huge fan and I wouldn't really play a full album of theirs, but some songs are decent
-0.3818 SOMEBODY has to be on the losing end.
-0.296 Or am I missing something?
-0.2453 Oh wow didn't even realise that mistake, my apologise, I'm aware Indian isn't a language haha, why is it bad Hindi though?