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0.9813 Wow you're really beautiful, thanks for sharing, great to see you're feeling better about your body, self love is so important.
0.9569 that segment was perfect last night, very, very great, one of the best he's done of his current run, which is saying a lot! Mike Rome did his part wonderfully too
0.9559 Gorgeous woman, love this show, love the story, love the plot.
0.9491 I actually really like their version, I kind of really enjoyed Results May Vary, I must be the only one haha, Build A Bridge is the best song off it though, Survivor Series 2003 theme!!
0.9485 Brilliant fit, brought something fresh, he'll be missed, hope he's happier without them, he deserves happiness. We'll always have the CWC eh!
0.9442 Loved her little smile yet slight stare down with Charlotte yet she couldn't contain her smile haha, so lovely, can't wait for their feud, I hope they feud anyway, huge SummerSlam encounter, money!
0.9353 So deserved, she's the best mate, pure joy to watch, she has everything down so great
0.9296 Regal is so amazing, miss him in the ring, wish he were in TV even more, such a valuable guy, excellent man
0.9289 Love that vibrant red too, so gorgeous
0.9272 Excellent, I prefer cats, but I'd love to get a dog to use as a wing-dog Very cute dog
0.9153 Gutted he's gone from WWE, good for him though, he deserves to be working somewhere that he's truly happy and comfortable.

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-0.7579 Sad kind of fans, hate people like this, make me feel bad about being a wrestling fan sometimes
-0.7088 The hell was that!?
-0.5859 SHAME SHAME :P
-0.3612 Jesus, ridiculous
-0.2564 Actually the second, there was one in like October or so that they missed, I remember being perturbed that they missed it lol
-0.1027 But the above is my experience w/ Contactless, hence my preference to use Apple Pay or Chip & Pin.
0.0 She's only 10 but still
0.0 The rest of the album is decent too
0.0 Need some stories!
0.0 Specky Lynch
0.0 I was just too afraid to send it out.