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0.9756 All the love, gorgeous legs, beautiful lips, great feet, lovely bum, great tits
0.965 I want to like Ryback, I used to think he was decent, came across as a decent guy, but wow, his delusions of grandeur have delusions of grandeur, come off it mate, please.
0.9477 The haptic feedback on the iPhone 7 is gorgeous though, I love scrolling through haha. I agree though, typing numbers would be nice
0.9417 Mickie has always been lovely, but this is prime Mickie, best she's looked, absolutely amazing
0.929 Hahaha this is brilliant, his voice isn't bad, and that hair is so lush, good for him for getting people to sing along!
0.92 Really great match, taking away Rollins' win, I loved it, had a really big match feel for me.
0.9153 5x Women's Champ, 1 time Divas Champ. Either way, I hope she wins on Sunday, drops it at Mania, ending the streak.
0.9042 I thought it should be Austin, 2 of Angle's best rivalries were Austin & Benoit, always worked beautifully together, obv Benoit can't do it, bit gutted that it's Cena to be honest
0.8979 Love her, love her feet and her smile
0.8939 what a mark :P pretty cool that though, nice little memory you all have!
0.8858 She has like the perfect body, so beautiful

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9435 this pic makes me sad, he just looks scary here, just knowing what he did later that week, I can't help but see evil in that pic, sad times.
-0.8343 ahhh fuck no, that's like horror movie wound, ahh winced at this, not a fan of him continuing, that's not right.
-0.7964 My undies had a hole in the side, not visible, but whenever I pulled my undies back up, the hole got bigger, in the end, just thought fuck it, and stopped wearing undies.
-0.7096 Only heard about her yday, that ass is marvellous, whole bottom half is fire
-0.6597 My shit's fucked up
-0.5574 Still though, bit nasty hah
-0.4986 He's being serious, why would he say that stuff if it was kayfabe, obviously he'd talk about not caring about Jericho or whatever, he's being serious.
-0.4981 I know you're MISSING AN EAR!" - Charlotte Flair to Mick Foley
-0.4767 I'm British, marshmallow roasting isn't a thing here, I always thought you bought sticks, this is gross that you just pick up sticks from the ground
-0.4215 Couldn't really think of a bigger waste of my time, more power to you though
-0.3252 You don't think she's nice?
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