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0.9747 Love her, she seems so sweet and almost timid, would love to drink tea with her haha. Love how she is in real life and on TV, great woman!
0.964 Very gorgeous eyes, fantastic face, gorgeous hips, cute belly button, all very pleasant
0.9336 Such a perfect pairing, excellent way to debut her and get her over as a heel, Goldust is such a star, absolutely fantastic, still works like he's half his age, I want this pairing so much
0.9298 Had no idea of this addiction, very glad he's overcome it, hope he stays clean, great for him for getting help!
0.9219 I'm not attracted to cats, but there's something rather sexy and mysterious about Luna, she's so beautiful!
0.9164 Very cool, yeah Graham Norton can be quite funny, his show is nice and light hearted entertainment.
0.9027 Nia is my #1 in WWE haha, tied with Becky Lynch :P Nia is so beautiful
0.9001 Haha love it, brilliant guy
0.8922 I never really cared for her until I saw Beauty & The Beast, she looks so perfect, very elegant and enchanting.
0.8901 Absolutely beautiful, love the no shave look, very nice.
0.8718 Thanks a lot, definitely a huge help!

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-0.8885 ASS ASS ASS
-0.6124 Lili Haydn's Saddest Sunset
-0.5983 That's illegal!
-0.4215 Zero hour contracts, ugh
-0.4015 That's not a good reason!
-0.4003 she made a mistake!
-0.4002 thought it was my connection lol, so bad
-0.3415 No worries mate, really cool to scrub and watch each frame
-0.296 I refuse to believe it
0.0 That makes three bricks on the gay
0.0 FaceTime Audio, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Google Hangouts, Viber
0.0 Aichnerlina...