/u/Justincouldbemyname is a total dick!

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0.7964 Good point, I would not work in a school if I felt the strong urge to have sex with the kids who are even pass the age of consent.
0.7506 Their children would be free to decide what they want and they can choose when they are mature enough.
0.6486 Good to know you think they should engage in incest with a child.
0.6369 You are telling me that incest is healthy, something that should be encouraged and does not cause genetic issues.
0.5473 LOL why man?
0.5352 Are you saying nothing will go wrong because you think incest is okay?
0.5023 Yeah but she could claim that you gave her a certain grade because of sexual situation.
0.4389 Still alive!
0.4215 I think this is true for most women.
0.4215 For men it is 1/3 are attracted to children.
0.3818 I am still alive.

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-0.926 To obsess about it to this point seems pathetic and I pity his sad ass.
-0.8689 Yeah you are trolling it is sad because you are trying to make pedophiles look bad and evil.
-0.8553 However if you are very obsessed with calling Blacks nigger just know there is a chance of physical violence.
-0.8316 Mainly because society hates whores and women want to avoid that label.
-0.7906 Now he will dump your easy slut ass.
-0.7661 Yeah I know I will get downvoted and bitched at because there are so weak as men out there who want to make this pathetic man a hero.
-0.765 Your parents failed to raise you and now you are sick in the head.
-0.7579 Now most women are going to avoid his petty ass.
-0.7506 Your parents failed you and your sad little soul.
-0.7487 It does not matter that there is no justification for the violence.
-0.7269 You argument it shit.
-0.6921 Thus even a slightly drunk woman has a harder time fighting against a man not to mention an extremely drunk woman.