/u/Justincouldbemyname is a total dick!

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0.7269 You did it proudly with such ease.
0.6037 LOL now you are pretending to be something you are not.
0.5986 I am surprised there is not moral outrage about this!
0.5893 LOL you are way off!
0.4939 This, honesty.
0.4767 It seems like you just want an excuse to catch different diseases from people.
0.4588 I am glad you will include the term MAP.
0.4404 You should not have children and your husband deserves better.
0.4404 You think you know morality better than everyone else?
0.4215 Lol that is a lie.
0.4215 The media likes to give a pussypass this could have been a part of the title

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-0.8867 Plenty of people who abuse children do not care that they are harming children.
-0.872 You should be fired you lazy bitch.
-0.8689 Your pathetic ass deleted your account and you admitted in PMs that you were planning on abusing your daughter.
-0.8625 You probably bullied a poor child to kill themselves and you enjoyed so much you continue to do it.
-0.8591 Babies can be raped to death.
-0.8225 Bitch on Bitch action?
-0.802 You bullied them badly.
-0.7845 As if telling to kill someone is no big deal to you.
-0.765 Was you telling me to kill myself sarcasm?
-0.7481 I would not be surprised if you told him to kill himself.
-0.7184 Why are you obsessed with dead children?
-0.7003 I bet you think it is funny that a boy in my neighborhood killed himself because people like you told him he should kill himself.