/u/Jsmiley22 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8984 If I giving you sex hair sexy, then I am just having a GREAT day!
0.8858 Beautiful sexy nipples...Very nice!
0.8845 Welcome, VERY nice, and please come back!
0.8832 All I see are two beautiful dreams sexy!
0.8777 It would be a pleasure to help you sexy!
0.8622 Welcome and thanks sexy!
0.857 VERY nice and sexy!
0.8497 Not best but beautiful!
0.8478 Wow sexy...you have some great Boobs!
0.8398 Welcome sexy and please come back soon!
0.836 Please I am curious what are the benefits for that...seems healthy

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7351 Sexy...Just suck dick?
-0.5848 What a Ass and Body you have!
-0.509 I'd lick your legs...to start with but I'm not stopping there sexy!
-0.4574 You're not going to have that problem because everyone wants to help...me first!
-0.4404 Since they are out sexy...can I suck them?
-0.4404 Is before or after we get dirty together?
-0.4389 I want to get dirty again with you!
-0.4003 Sexy...there's no reason for me to leave that bed!
-0.2263 Can I grab your tits also?
-0.126 Your beauty shine through no matter how dirty the mirror...beautiful!
-0.126 Let's Get Clean Together, Then Dirty Together Sexy....Then Repeat!
0.0 Very sexy...welcome and come back soon!