/u/Jpicklestone8 is a total dick!

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0.881 Pool doesn't fit the game but I'm pretty sure most children play with black holes.
0.802 The Arid Flats theme is also pretty good, as well as Blaster Massacre.
0.6705 The mods don't disable achievements is pretty cool.
0.6597 Not sure if its true and i want to test it.
0.6249 That one is great.
0.5994 Luxembourg, makes you super small.
0.5719 You can write that off as an exaggeration but it is 100% true from the bottom of my already-empty heart.
0.5609 I really don't have a single shit to give anyway, because you are living proof that there is no hope for humanity left.
0.5296 Also I think they are the hardest part as I usually get hit by them but not most other attacks.
0.5098 I don't like Gangnam Style but it's better than that.
0.4939 Maybe it should only be in the secret pool, cause it is pretty overpowered.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9497 The bombs themselves do no damage, but the sad bomb ipecac shots hurt you.
-0.8545 It's not a good thing when you're so fucking unintelligent that people like Socrates would get on their toga-wearing-ass knees to worship your dumb fucking ass.
-0.8402 This would be if the Ludo tear killed the enemy and not the exploded ones.
-0.836 What if for Ludo, when it kills an enemy it explodes the hydrophobic tears in all directions .
-0.8357 I already consider jumping in front of a steamroller whenever I look at my uglyass reflection in the mirror, and then you come along and do this stupid fucking shit.
-0.8268 Once more, a paradox caused by stupid turtle shit.
-0.8221 I am so furious that I will personally take that radioactive turtle shit myself just so I can rid the world of your baffling levels of unadulterated doltishness.
-0.8176 The evil is defeated.
-0.8074 And again I go, being confused by whatever quantum physics you are using to defy the laws of physics with your stupidity, to the point where I'm saying you are worse than yourself.
-0.7943 I literally cannot comprehend how amazingly dimwitted your dumb ass is.
-0.7876 I'd say deer if they're classed as common but i recently saw a dead rotting one.
-0.7845 Hell, I'm actually unironically considering moving to Macquarie Island just to be isolated from your brain cell-killing words for the rest of my now-miserable life.