/u/Josiahx is very positive!

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0.9527 It was super easy, but SO fun haha!
0.9273 Creative station has some awesome artists on there, and a good source of inspiration!
0.8883 Thanks for all the love my friends!
0.8858 Haha, sign me up :) These guys are awesome to work with btw, so you have high standards to meet!
0.8844 I made it this way for phone wallpapers :) So happy you like it!!
0.87 But it's a SUPER fun way for us all to work together at the end of the year and have some crazy fun.
0.8685 Thank you for sharing this, it was very beautiful!
0.8481 I liked how the lightning was blue in the Force Unleashed, so that was my inspiration :)
0.8264 Yeah, we'll go with that :) Thanks for checking it out!!
0.8217 I'm happy you enjoyed it!!
0.8126 Thank you so much mr Doug :) <3

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.598 Sorry you didn't like it :)
-0.5707 it's raging!
-0.5267 Image was make in photoshop Model is my brother, costume was from random pieces I've had lying around from various other costumes.
-0.5255 Poor wookie!
-0.296 Right now, no other SW art.
-0.2755 I have never done a tutorial like that, usually just timelapse.
-0.2481 You are seriously the bestest!
-0.2244 Watch an episode every night while falling asleep!
0.0 I did make it actually!
0.0 This is mine!
0.0 uggggghhhh, you nailed it!
0.0 Hey everyone, I made this!