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0.921 Wow, that's a really good price, I hope it works for you :)
0.9089 I'll just have to force myself to play with it and do something, because it really looks like useful and great.
0.9038 The processor looks great, and the SSD will give you a really great boost in performance.
0.8989 The RAM can possibly be expanded later so that will not be a problem, the computer looks really great overall :D
0.8826 Yes please, that's really interesting :)
0.8545 So they care because they haven't disallowed us to root, while still creating a guarantee for more security in apps that need it.
0.8494 Will definitely check, it'll run in Linux and I like that :D
0.8444 You're welcome, if you have any more doubts feel free to send PMs or answer the post :D
0.8412 Really interesting app, rated :D Comprehensive, never seen a date calculator...
0.8391 Other than that, there may be campsites which are more or less natural, but TBH I think places like US which are less restrictive will be more interesting.
0.8271 I'm currently saving for Bitwig Studio, it really rocks on Linux and the new version has a lot of interesting stuff :3 I'm trying not to buy audio software which lacks Linux support again.

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-0.7963 Also, in general i7 are more expensive than i5 with maybe a not so great performance jump, so actually a powerful i5 is a great choice if your budget is limited.
-0.7647 Really, it's a big PITA that everyone should avoid.
-0.7146 Be aware that this software uses iLok protection as DRM, which may be very inconvenient on offline computers and people who mess a lot with their pc .
-0.6597 I remember people said those blocks were horrible.
-0.5984 A really nasty trend.
-0.5267 No, as there is no option to do that with MIDI clips either.
-0.4767 I don't know how does that poor thing ever survive.
-0.4215 Or if you use programs which could work in Linux, maybe try it, but no Windows.
-0.4019 Maybe some problems with sample rates?
-0.4019 Would that represent any problem?
-0.4019 So what are your problems exactly?
-0.3182 I am also a bit confused.