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0.923 I too find that light changes really help with the inspiration and stuff, feeling like your battlestation is beautiful is a big plus.
0.9089 I'll just have to force myself to play with it and do something, because it really looks like useful and great.
0.8888 Well, that dish really looks great, I'm hungry now :D
0.886 The ones in the drop could be more complex, but on the other hand they transmit a sense of slowness which works great with the tempo of the track as they are now.
0.8709 Try adding some melodic percussion to it, tuned to the key of the song. - The lead sounds really great, congratulations!
0.8591 Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated :3
0.8545 So they care because they haven't disallowed us to root, while still creating a guarantee for more security in apps that need it.
0.8439 Yeah, that would be a really great and big community, and I would also like to be involved.
0.8415 I like that there is people like you taking the lead and working on these new features :D
0.8402 Yeah, I suppose that, but at least they are an official part of MC, and hopefully an easy thing to apply to your worlds in the future...
0.8271 I'm currently saving for Bitwig Studio, it really rocks on Linux and the new version has a lot of interesting stuff :3 I'm trying not to buy audio software which lacks Linux support again.

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-0.6739 It's a PITA for people with offline studio DAW computer like me :/
-0.6597 I remember people said those blocks were horrible.
-0.6289 W10, if you plan to connect it to the internet, will be a PITA.
-0.5267 I have not seen their webpage much, but mod support would make it a killer.
-0.4767 Get a slim and tiny organ an octave above the synth, and then for the synth you can just stack two or three saws, detuned between them, with the start phase aligned to give it some attack.
-0.4404 Not in Spain :(
-0.431 I think that's what this is about, and not praising the DJ.
-0.4228 The envelope for the organ is a simple gate one, and for the synth you can set a little attack and more release.
-0.4019 The latency problem can also be fixed by using ASIO4All
-0.4019 Maybe some problems with sample rates?
-0.4019 Would that represent any problem?
-0.3412 3-4 years, and still not truly decent, although this summer I'm escalating a bit quicker.