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0.9628 When arranging everything you've to get your passions going, but the mixdown has a really technical and lovely part that gets a bit of engineering to be great :3
0.9144 I used 8-track some weeks ago and the interface was not this sharp, and didn't looked vectorial, but this one is amazing for big displays :D
0.8908 Natural recorded percussion is really useful for electronic music, thanks :)
0.8826 Yes please, that's really interesting :)
0.8567 :D I hope this sells like hot cakes and they continue making them, because there are not many decent samplers out there and this one has much functionality
0.8481 Great synths, great spectrum analyzer - metering tool, and some more stuff.
0.8452 :D BTW, looks amazing, I'm with you, we need more Technic!
0.8412 Really interesting app, rated :D Comprehensive, never seen a date calculator...
0.836 Wow, great move
0.8316 Does it have paid apps? EDIT: Ok, it's great, it's like an list of curated apps.
0.8313 Good to know there is a Manjaro version with CLI for my Pi Zero, definitely Manjaro is a really good distro.

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-0.7647 Really, it's a big PITA that everyone should avoid.
-0.7146 Be aware that this software uses iLok protection as DRM, which may be very inconvenient on offline computers and people who mess a lot with their pc .
-0.6597 If you run into any problem, you can search for the problem in the Ubuntu forums and it will work for you too.
-0.5984 A really nasty trend.
-0.5267 No, as there is no option to do that with MIDI clips either.
-0.4767 I don't know how does that poor thing ever survive.
-0.4215 Or if you use programs which could work in Linux, maybe try it, but no Windows.
-0.3845 I wish I could do all my work on Linux, but at the moment it really has no real support if you want to do something more than mixing :(
-0.34 If you want something not very technical and know how to Google for problems, I'd suggest Xubuntu.
-0.3182 I am also a bit confused.
-0.296 No, and also the smartphone when it's sleep time, a lot of people doesn't do that
-0.2732 Same here, I've become a bit bored of synths .