/u/Jimmy065 is very positive!

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0.9128 I'm quite sure that a super sexy woman like you can have your choice.
0.9085 You have a beautiful smile and a sexy little body, I hope you stay around.
0.8885 Oh my, I would love to play patty cake with your beautiful butt for hours.
0.8834 I have to agree, those are perfect breasts and a great body also as far as I can tell.
0.883 She is a very sexy woman and deserves to know just how sexy she truly is.
0.8807 Thanks for sharing, feel free to share some more.
0.875 I would love to see her lips gripping me tight as I slide in and out of what looks like heaven.
0.8655 I would love to share that sweet woman!
0.8616 I would love to see this wonderful woman bent over at the waist and spreading herself for the camera.
0.8519 Great view, I don't know if that view would be best for eating or being ridden.
0.8481 Great Lips great nips.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.743 Oh yes I would wreck that ass and when I got ready to cum I would pull out of her ass and shove my cock deep inside her pussy and breed her for you.
-0.6808 Hell I would eat both then bang both.
-0.5994 Hard, fast and continuous is how I would fuck your wife.
-0.5423 Too bad we live so far apart.
-0.4019 Too bad your cut off is 30, I am 50 in Deer Valley with a nice cock that loves being sucked.
-0.3612 Try to ignore the PM creepies.
-0.3612 Without a doubt continue.
-0.2732 As for that ass I could play with and in it for days.
-0.1655 You lost a bf because of gw but you can find a bf right here on gw too.
-0.1531 You have a nice ass yet I think you need to reach back and spread your cheeks so we can see everything wide open and post a series in Tributes.
-0.128 Those hips and that sweet ass could keep me busy for hours.
-0.0844 After I wipe my face off a bit I would fill her up in one hole while fingering the other one and I don't care which is which as long as she is cool with it.