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0.9641 I think the key to motivation is to make it fun, and I find it very fun and satisfying when I can lean back and sip a victory beer after finishing a project. Good luck and hope you find your muse.
0.9214 I did not enjoy that, but I do love to code and I am almost entirely self-taught. My best tip is to learn it very hands-on, start by actually programming.
0.9062 I think it boils down to this, if you are truly happy and satisfied where you are then stay there and keep up the good work.
0.891 It usually has to do with me getting a strong craving for a particular genre, like I'm reading a sci-fi but suddenly get a strong urge for some fantasy or a particular series like Discworld.
0.8625 You'll enjoy lots of great coffee for sure.
0.8537 I like Famous Monsters best , since I'm more of a Graves fan than a Danzig fan.
0.8482 I really only want one grinder, but if the norm is to have two I'll have to make it work since I'm buying a potentially very expensive machine I want to be able to really make that Great coffee.
0.8261 Hint, hint. Also, I'm something of a coffee enthusiast so would love to do something with coffee and a Stout or a Porter.
0.8221 Makes great coffee and it's a very pretty way of serving it.
0.8126 I've built one in the past and it's great fun.
0.8126 So then it might be better to get a dedicated espresso grinder when it's time and get something like an Encore for the rest in the meantime. How does the Encore handle french press?

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-0.5873 If you don't like it, you've dumped some small change into something you don't use.
-0.5719 What kind of boxes are those and where can I get them? I hate storing resistors, they get mixed up and tangled and take up lots of space.
-0.5707 Is the erasable initiative tracker something you've made or something one can purchase? Damnit!
-0.4404 Exactly how tired I am in the morning because I didn't put away my phone sooner and actually got a decent amount of sleep.
-0.3919 The methodology is very different, but the end result is the same. At the end of the day it's you who decide if you live life to the fullest, no matter how you do it.
-0.34 And it would even be possible to put in an alarm that runs up to the house.
-0.296 I'll go with the Muhle R89 then, lower price.
-0.296 I missed Project: Dark on Kickstarter...
-0.2732 It is a real pain. Yeah, I'm currently waiting for my Eclipse Phase books to arrive.
-0.2481 This! Also want to add: read up on the basics of fatigue .
-0.1531 Fast forward 15 years and I'm still smug when I win, but since I very rarely do I've gotten used to losing and as a result I'm much less salty.
-0.0772 Flexibility and short development time is what I'm looking for when I'm working on a problem.