/u/Jaymie_74 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.938 I love love love your photos!!!
0.8399 I'd love to lick your cute little ass while I rub that gorgeous pussy of yours...
0.8353 Super sexy girl!!
0.7906 I'd love a nice long lick
0.7867 I'd love to see you slip those panties back up a little to show a cute little camel toe
0.7249 I love those panties!!!
0.7177 Your pussy is so pretty!!!
0.6988 Love these pics girl!!
0.6988 And I love the material...they look silky soft!!
0.6988 I'd love to lick and finger you girl!!
0.6988 I love those panties girl!!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5962 Sooooo jealous!!!
-0.555 I'm jealous!!
-0.5095 I'm totally jealous of you .
0.0 There's a little wet spot in my panties to prove it
0.0 I totally that bra and panty set!!
0.0 Who says we can't do both?
0.0 So many 's!!!
0.0 Any more pics in those?
0.0 Maybe the front too?
0.0 Totally making my panties wet girl!!
0.0 Show the front?
0.0 Need company?