/u/JayRodsChickenHut is very positive!

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0.8074 Love the angles and smiles.
0.8066 Absolutely love it and the smile is seals the deal!
0.7901 Love having a mod that fit the sub!
0.7845 You shoukd be rewarded my delicious subject.
0.7832 My comment was intended as more of a compliment to both of you and to show my admiration for you both.
0.7777 Please xpost this to /r/SunDressesGoneWild ...we'd love to have you there too!
0.7096 :) Perhaps a comparison or montage would have been a better word to use.
0.6808 Please feel free to post often.
0.6808 Please feel free to come back often.
0.6696 This....This I love!
0.6486 I was actually hoping she'd like to straddle herself up on the biposto sextion of my 300lb vibrator.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7089 Fucking hell.
-0.5688 Only thing I was waiting for was for you to drop your panties under the dress and then walk off or wave goodbye for even more of a tease.
-0.5423 That pale ass and the metal peaking out.
-0.5423 The way your ass fills out those stockings is phenomenal
-0.34 I blame the fact that it's early and I'm only on cup #1 of coffee.
0.0 Removed for photoshop.
0.0 Apparently she has two sets of boobs according to the shadows and her right arm bends.
0.0 Thirsty and groggy.
0.0 You appear to be claiming this is an OC post.
0.0 I've also updated your flair.
0.0 I've updated your flair!
0.0 You should post this to/r/sundressesgonewild