/u/JayRodsChickenHut is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9274 love love love that red landing strip.
0.872 Feel free to make requests, I'm happy to accept pic challenges so you can get acquainted with any other body parts.
0.836 Perfect pink perky nipples on perfectly pale skin.
0.6476 Yes please!
0.6369 Awe...you just love me for my coffee.
0.6369 I am, however, a total "nipple guy" and I love the taste of metal on nipple.
0.6369 Love everything about this.
0.6369 I love seeing you naked too.
0.6369 (And for the love of god...more tan line pics / videos.
0.633 I wanna be part of this fun!
0.6249 Not as great as a pic of us fucking though.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4939 You should throw it on the floor as punishment.
-0.4927 Yes...they're very dirty.
-0.4019 Damn girly.
-0.2969 Take a break and lay low for a bit, but don't leave us!!!
-0.296 Front and back, make sure to concentrate on the ass crack.
-0.1511 Sorry it took me a while to see this!
-0.0258 Daum, those tone shoulders, arms and back are sexy as fuck.
0.0 /r/ghostnipples
0.0 I don't even know that I would get to fucking her.
0.0 Not at all...LOVE the pokies!
0.0 It's my favorite...somehow I think you already knew that.
0.0 Ur body is strait rockn