/u/JayRodsChickenHut is very positive!

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0.9312 Love, love, love the goose bumps!
0.9274 Love, love love the composition of this pic.
0.9274 Love, Love, Love this pic.
0.8439 Love that it looks like sunrise or sunset as well!
0.8225 For the love of god, please xpost this in /r/FlannelGoneWild
0.8126 Amazing, keep up the fantastic work.
0.7845 My fiance and I would love to help you guys out.
0.7783 You're content is fantastic and I always enjoy it.
0.765 I'd love to "play ball," with you.
0.7644 Love the surprise plug!
0.75 Please compliment her hard work from us as well!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6124 No worries.
-0.6124 And no worries about getting our clothes oily...we won't be wearing any.
-0.4019 Well...shame on you for misleading all of us.
-0.3818 Removed for high suspicion of being photoshopped.
-0.3612 Your body is ridiculous.
-0.1531 You're now eligible for the Miss HomeGrown monthly contest and all the other perks of being verified....lol.
-0.1531 The lust crush were having is mutual then?
-0.1027 I'm bias though.
-0.1007 Sexy as fuck!
0.0 you should post this in /r/SunDressesGoneWild
0.0 Blacklist all subs I mod: /r/homegrowntits /r/pawgtastic /r/SunDressesGoneWild /r/FlannelGoneWild /r/the_echo_of_quincy /r/Passion_Ignites /r/PajamasGoneWild /r/ghostnipples /r/TrafficTits
0.0 Exceptional work.