/u/Jasehott is very positive!

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0.9568 Wow so sexy love a lady in heels with pantyhose, would love to see you in stockings and heels!
0.9557 Wow absolutely gorgeous, thank you for sharing, a sheer delight
0.9491 Dressed like that, I hope so, love a lady in stockings and heels such a sexy outfit thank you
0.9423 Love the heels, the lighting just brings out the best in that gorgeous body, thank you
0.9403 Yes please gorgeous lady love the stockings thank you
0.9382 Dressed like that gorgeous love a lady in stockings, are you going to help her as well?
0.9351 Wow that is so hot, glad it fitted, so sexy thank you
0.9325 Wow gorgeous lady dressed in stockings what a perfect sight thank you
0.9245 I'd love to, that's one-offer I'd love to honour!
0.9231 Then yes please, she is gorgeous and has a body of a lady half her age, thank you for sharing
0.923 Wow what a gorgeous view, I'd love to do business with you!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.69 Now lets forget about the conference and go rub those pantyhose of and fuck!
-0.69 The suspense is killing!
-0.6571 Is there a bad side!!!
-0.5562 Holly fuck that is one perfect ass and body for a lady of that age!
-0.5423 Just your ass?
-0.4926 Hell yes i would!
-0.4199 Hell I'd spend all day sucking those gorgeous tits!
-0.3595 Open that blind so people could see bend her over a fuck that gorgeous body right there!
-0.3595 Wait no more im cumming!
-0.2401 I'm not surprised!
-0.2244 Hell by you yes please!
-0.2244 Hell yes please all day every day!