/u/Jasehott is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9308 And what I'm seeing is absolutely gorgeous, wow what a view, would love to eat that!
0.9254 Wow that's such an inviting position, and yes as you have shown me it's so sexy!
0.923 Wow that's one hot picture, love seeing that gorgeous mound all wet!
0.9186 Wow that's gorgeous, would love to see more
0.8994 It's an absolutely sheer delight to see that gorgeous body dressed like that!
0.8904 I believe it's thank you, your picture sets are absolutely amazing, and you are a very sexy lady!
0.8841 He'll that is absolutely fucking gorgeous would love to see more!
0.872 That is still one gorgeous view, such a sexy lady, thank you
0.8718 Wow dressed like that, fun isn't the only thing on my mind!
0.8646 Wow absolutely fucking gorgeous!
0.8588 Love the fishnets gorgeous legs!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.8268 It's mid afternoon, but hell there was still a rise here!
-0.7088 Hell thats so fucking hot!
-0.5848 Holly fuck!
-0.3802 What can I say, dance class, ballet lessons, or just wanting to tease everyone!
-0.3404 Couldn't agree more!
-0.1531 Hell what a gorgeous view
-0.079 You wear that to work, hell I need a job at your work place, absolutely gorgeous
-0.033 Dressed like that I'm not surprised, make sure she pays
0.0 Simple answer
0.0 But we still get to see that hot body
0.0 Those voices are saying get on your hands and knees right now, we will shut the door!
0.0 I can't wait for what comes next from you