/u/Jasehott is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9507 Absolutely perfect, love this album, such a sexy gorgeous lady.
0.9403 Would love to taste that perfect mound, yummy yummy
0.9347 Dam what an absolutely amazing set of pictures, of one gorgeous lady, you are correct breakfast is the most important meal, and dam I'd eat that gorgeous body all day long
0.9246 It would be my pleasure to touch that gorgeous mound nice and gentle
0.9168 Stunning yummy yummy, wish I was behind that gorgeous ass!
0.9165 I absolutely love a sexy lady in stockings and heels with a garter belt, and you have absolutely nailed this look, perfect lady
0.9118 would love to eat that gorgeous body for breakfast, such a sexy body
0.8955 Yummy yummy what a perfect view!
0.8953 More of you dressed like that, dam that's one gorgeous look, you have absolutely perfected that look!
0.8858 Wow what a fantastic help!
0.8858 Well yes please, what an absolutely gorgeous view of one hot lady

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.807 Rip those pants of shove them in her mouth bend her over and fuck her senseless in the ass, before cumming in her mouth!
-0.4926 And hell yes ending on your knees would be the appropriate place to be!
-0.4767 I could be wrong though
-0.4574 Dam I'm going to need to be under your desk to fix a problem!
-0.4389 Oh hell yes I want to!
-0.4215 Dam I'd tease those off with my teeth before burying my face in that sweet pussy and ass
-0.3802 Well us gentleman can't just watch a damsel in distress now can we!
-0.2567 I wasn't joking absolutely fantastic thank you
-0.2261 Fuck that's absolutely stunning!
-0.1759 Dam start early, with a body like that I doubt I'd ever stop playing!
0.0 I prefer the colour ones, it makes your skin shine in contrast to the white you are wearing.
0.0 That's why I'm just going to have to be in situ for the time being!