/u/Jasehott is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9605 Yummy yummy, that's breakfast lunch and tea, wow what an amazing view, so dam sexy and hot!
0.9571 I'm in a state of after seeing that gorgeous body, those tits are perfect along with those gorgeous legs in stockings and the sweet mound topping off perfection!
0.9475 Absolutely gorgeous love a lady in stockings and heels what a glorious sight thank you
0.9325 I'd love to That gorgeous body from those toes all the way to the top of that gorgeous body
0.923 Love a hot lady in heels, and this picture with those heels and gorgeous body is amazing!
0.92 That's one delight I'd love to honour!
0.92 Would love to play with that gorgeous treasure!
0.9193 That is absolutely gorgeous would love to bury my face in that sweet pussy!
0.9136 What an amazing offer that I'd love to honour
0.9052 Dam that's one fucking gorgeous view love a lady in stockings and heels, would worship them all day long!
0.8955 What a gorgeous smile to go with a gorgeous body!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5983 That's shit!
-0.5423 That ass every time
-0.1759 Then please as I kneel before you place that blind fold on me!
-0.1511 Forgot to ad mistress, sorry!
0.0 Absolutely sublime!
0.0 Do you ever go without though?
0.0 You should tell people on your page not to do so!
0.0 It turns you on knowing men are getting of over your pictures, do you ever ask to see?
0.0 The question is where and when!
0.0 Role on the hot weather and less clothes
0.0 Dam morning from the UK!
0.0 If you insist!