/u/J_J1980 is very positive!

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43Overall Score
42Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8934 Great pics, amazing tits, perfect spread
0.8625 Great set of tits, beautiful smile
0.8625 I'd love to play with those big beautiful tits
0.8481 I think that's a great position, and you look great in it
0.8402 Love them, they look amazing
0.8313 Great pic, very sexy
0.8313 Great pics, very sexy.
0.8313 Great body, very sexy
0.8313 Great pic, very sexy
0.8313 Great pics, very sexy
0.8271 Beautiful, those look amazing

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5562 No problem, I wouldn't mind playing with them ;)
-0.4019 Those are one hell of a gift
-0.296 No problem, they definitely caught my attention
-0.2263 What a set of tits
-0.2263 I wouldn't mind making those big tits bounce
-0.1169 I wouldn't mind my cock in between those big tits
-0.0516 No problem, they are perfection
0.0 You wouldn't have ask me twice
0.0 That is a tasty looking pussy
0.0 I wouldn't mind getting you out of those pjs
0.0 Such a tasty looking pussy
0.0 I'd take that bait