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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8885 Those big beautiful tits are amazing, just perfect
0.888 Especially a big beautiful set like that, those are amazing
0.8591 Great smile, amazing tits
0.8431 Very sexy, great pics
0.8429 Those are perfect, so sexy
0.836 Great gif, amazing view.
0.836 Amazing view, great position
0.8347 So sexy, beautiful pussy
0.8313 Great pic, very sexy
0.8313 Great pics, very sexy
0.8313 Just awesome, very sexy

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.8442 That is one hell of an ass
-0.7037 I wouldn't mind giving that ass some serious attention right now
-0.3595 I wouldn't mind playing with those tits
-0.2263 I wouldn't mind fucking those big ole tits
-0.2263 I wouldn't mind making those big tits bounce
-0.2263 I wouldn't mind sliding something in between those big tits
-0.2263 What a set of tits
-0.1169 I wouldn't mind my cock in between those big tits
0.0 So tasty looking
0.0 The lickability is extremely high for those nipples
0.0 I wouldn't mind make big them bounce for you
0.0 What a tasty looking pussy