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0.9081 But I think this would be a great game for the complete series, in honor of the great rct 3 series.
0.906 I would recommend Justin Bright if you like a great kolonization series!
0.8478 Wow, great mod!
0.8268 This is how I started and I`m having great fun with it!
0.8122 Really cool format and I liked the commentary, cant wait for the next one :)
0.8122 I love the game, keep the good work up!
0.807 Great, thanks a lot!
0.8012 I highly recommend the Unity tutorials on the Unity site under "learn" especially the Roll a Ball is really great.
0.8001 Making a red mist RollerCoaster with as high g forces as possible :D :P
0.7735 I am so excited for this game :D
0.7717 Eve is nice, especially when you dont plan to bring the kerbal back: It has an super thick atmosfere.

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-0.775 Cool idea, but when I try to open the link I get a 404 error :(
-0.4019 I have the same problem, the first time I encountered it was after I installed Kerbinside, so I think it has something to do with KerbalKonstruct.
-0.34 Btw I downloaded Kerbinside via CKAN, maybe that messed up that download...
-0.3252 I am not hoping for only one video.
-0.1901 I am so tempted to buy this game, but I dont have the time to play it :(
0.0 Could someone explain to me why I should make states?
0.0 I dont really get them
0.0 Dat was ook mijn eerste reactie, maar achteraf vond ik het wel mooi om te zien dat de mensen wel gezellig met elkaar hadden.
0.0 Ik denk dat dat belangrijk is in een tijd waar mensen zich steeds meer identificeren met hun politieke voorkeur.
0.0 Ik zou graag GroenLinks als grootste partij zien, maar je hebt helemaal gelijk dat in een democratie compromissen er nu eenmaal bij horen.
0.0 [caption] Hmmm Jeb's brother is called Fart...
0.0 Why does everyone say o7?