/u/JRecard is a total dick!

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0.8388 Champion!! Thanks fam!!
0.7964 Hope you'd love to get Herpes too
0.7506 Yeah I'd love to watch the video... Except everytime I try to watch it I get some cancerous redirect becaude the link is basically AIDs for mobile
0.7003 Oh yes. All women are exactly the same. Cheers professor
0.6369 Ah I love it when a porn sub gets all science-y and debate-y. I just imagine it's Hillary and The Donald making the debate for what squirting REALLY is. I can only be so erect
0.6249 Great sauce
0.624 Fucking amazing
0.624 This girl is fucking amazing in all 3 ECG appearances
0.5106 Nah jokes tho. She's clearly doing some behind the scenes thumb work here
0.4754 She really likes that leg that he's sticking inside her there
0.4404 It should. A butthole would be the better option most times

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9032 Jesus christ Cunts who post this shit should be banned.
-0.8834 Fuck the new chevy is fuck ugly
-0.7964 What the actual fuck is this shit?
-0.7906 Hahahahaha Fuck off you scum fuck
-0.7717 Pro dick sucker
-0.7543 But no one reallys wants this shit
-0.7479 -25 out of 10. Fucking piece of shit spam bot
-0.7469 This is just a needy girlfriend/boyfriend. You say you want this shit.
-0.743 She claims she has been struck by lightning 3 times... This fucking woman is a crack whore
-0.7003 Hot. And definite shit dick at 6 seconds
-0.6908 Either way - god damn r/f1 is brutal with the downvotes today
-0.6887 Fucking mobile cancer.