/u/JRecard is slightly positive.

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0.8074 Kasey Chase and Jennifer White. Pretty great video to go along with this.
0.7902 I fucking love Jillian. But she looks like a coked up 40 year old here
0.7501 Someone please backup this fucking amazing sauce.
0.743 I forgot this bitch existed. Hot af but never seemed to real look like she enjoyed it ever
0.7319 You mean like you want some sweet and sour sauce to go with this??
0.624 Kasey is fucking amazing
0.5994 She's extra hot because she gets super into it.
0.5994 That's one of the luckiest cocks in the world
0.5267 Congrats man What is your medication?
0.4939 Or at least request you be a right hand advisor to my future wife etc etc. Boom.
0.4926 Thanks man!

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-0.8803 This kind of whore is the kind of whore you marry
-0.8268 Can you guys shut the fuck up about "blah blah blah it's totally pissing etc etc" and provide a fucking source already? Kthx Edit - I meant a source for the porn guys.
-0.7374 Holly could basically shit on me and I wouldn't care
-0.7089 Fucking hell girl.
-0.7089 Fucking hell
-0.6597 Mobile cancer
-0.6059 Someone shop this shit pls
-0.5994 Fat bitches aren't a different race man...
-0.5848 r/ghostnipples Edit - TIL that this sub has no idea what ghost nipples are! This girl hot af fam
-0.5423 Who the fuck is this?
-0.5423 Thought as much. So if you have an android device and are getting bad scores.
-0.5279 Even though that cock looks almost fake.