/u/JRecard is a total dick!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.7964 Hope you'd love to get Herpes too
0.7177 Watch is nice. Car is even better!
0.7003 Oh yes. All women are exactly the same. Cheers professor
0.7003 Wow. You're literally the dream girl then
0.6249 Great sauce
0.5106 Nah jokes tho. She's clearly doing some behind the scenes thumb work here
0.4754 She really likes that leg that he's sticking inside her there
0.4023 That's not a dick.
0.3612 Cause she's hot af. But this picture is not and makes her look like a chipmunk
0.3612 Smells like R Kelly's sheets
0.3182 Calm down guys.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7964 What the actual fuck is this shit?
-0.7906 Bet these girls could fuck. I mean properly fuck.
-0.7906 Hahahahaha Fuck off you scum fuck
-0.7717 Pro dick sucker
-0.7543 But no one reallys wants this shit
-0.7479 -25 out of 10. Fucking piece of shit spam bot
-0.7469 This is just a needy girlfriend/boyfriend. You say you want this shit.
-0.7003 Hot. And definite shit dick at 6 seconds
-0.6908 Either way - god damn r/f1 is brutal with the downvotes today
-0.6486 This girl is an incredible whore
-0.6486 Devastating