/u/JRecard is kind of a dick.

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0.9336 If you know the whole solution before you watch anything it will be pretty average at best. Derren Brown is still fucking great tho
0.8795 Charity as in... It'd be some real fucking charity on the girls behalf if I ever end up fucking a girl that gorgeous in my life?
0.807 Thanks for the great stat!
0.7964 Hope you'd love to get Herpes too
0.7609 This post is so good and relevant to me. I saved it to read it later
0.7177 Watch is nice. Car is even better!
0.7003 Wow. You're literally the dream girl then
0.6249 Great detective work, officer
0.5574 The hero we need. But don't deserve
0.5267 Who taught you how to get sexy for a niqqa
0.5229 Looks like SimCity!!!

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-0.8555 I kind of think of brutally fucked a bit differently.
-0.8225 Alex Grey always takes it in her ass and is a class whore.
-0.8004 Get absolutely fucked. I refuse to acknowledge this exists, after I fell over just the other day because of some very slightly uneven ground
-0.7906 Bet these girls could fuck. I mean properly fuck.
-0.7657 Someone tell me this bitch doesn't look like Jamie Lynn Sigler
-0.7579 One of them bitches lookin' like Amy Schumer, ruining the goddamn gif
-0.7414 "It's just piss tho" Yeah well fucking maybe cunts. But I ain't never known a girl to lie on her back and piss on the roof.
-0.6486 This girl is an incredible whore
-0.5994 You're a weird cunt mate. She's hot af
-0.5859 Wtf are you talking about son?
-0.5859 Bitch be humble