/u/JRTjack801 is very positive!

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0.891 I love comments like this, genuinely helping out another bladesmith with links and an offer to help.
0.8873 My first freehand grind on a 1x30 looked more like a faceted diamond than a flat, clean grind like yours.
0.8873 Well I call you on my team for the apocalypse, I've got the electrical end figured out but you've clearly got the speed and scrap end solved lol.
0.8827 Great tip, I've had this issue a few times at work and never thought of this, thanks for sharing.
0.872 Sounds like you're a lot like me memory wise lol.
0.8658 Feel free to PM me if there are any specific things you could use advice on and I'd be happy to help.
0.8622 Love the activity of the san mai, great job!
0.8519 I like it, it looks like it'll sit well in your hand.
0.8516 Well done on the brass fittings, they look very nice, the filework looks great too.
0.8502 I doubt I'd do much laughing as you literally can't make a worse knife than the first few "knives" I made, I affectionately refer to them as "garbage can art" now lol.
0.8481 You're right, it does sound like a post about one of the many beautiful garbage knives I forged when I was beginning lol.

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-0.7003 It's a rather difficult and expensive pattern due to the high failure rate it can have.
-0.68 Your knife is killer!
-0.6361 Brine is the most violent quench medium and is known to crack or warp high carbon steels.
-0.4767 I'm working on getting a website up and running but unfortunately it's not up yet.
-0.4019 I've got a #7 grind on a 5 bar laminated Viking short sword I've been neglecting to finish for too long.
-0.4019 Cast iron is a misleading name for the material as it's really a very high carbon steel.
-0.3544 If you don't mind, I'd love it if you could shoot me a PM with some tips on going full time and marketing when you get some free time.
-0.34 Shoot me a PM and we can work something out
-0.3252 I used 1084 & 15n20, can't beat a tried a true combo.
-0.296 I mistook it for lightning for a brief second til I saw the colors and heard no thunder.
-0.2732 The filework though, how would that be sharp enough to cut a finger?
-0.2732 $300 is shooting low IMO.