/u/JGshogun is very positive!

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41Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9153 Super sexy, nice, and smart.
0.8748 Welcome to the party, gorgeous!
0.8567 :D Seems like a good recipe.
0.836 That's some great lingerie on an amazing body.
0.8225 Well that's definitely NSFW xD
0.8221 Cheers, love!
0.8122 Dear God you are sexy!
0.8052 God you are always so amazing!
0.8016 God it just gets better and better!
0.7777 You fit right in with all the gorgeous people!
0.7712 Welcome back, sexy!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5423 Fuck that's hot.
-0.296 I missed you.
-0.1531 How about her riding a cock?
0.0 May we see you with a couple fingers inside your pussy?
0.0 I'd raise my hand...
0.0 But they're both occupied at the moment...
0.0 I can't read Braille and I totally understand that.
0.0 Right away!
0.0 Their stories always deliver.
0.0 Everywhere!!!
0.0 Especially the spots that make you squirm.
0.0 Absofuckinglutely