/u/Isrulius is kind of a dick.

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0.939 The great thing about beagles is that they are one of the most friendliest, loyal, and compassionate breeds of dogs out there.
0.8326 I can't help but cringe whenever I see middle school kids trying to sound deep and philosophical about the dynamics of relationships and love in general.
0.8074 Caught in a moment of narcissistic self grandeur, taking a photo to post online so people can tell me how beautiful I am.
0.7845 He hit on my mom big time, introduced himself by kissing her hand and saying something in French.
0.784 I hope you're happy!
0.7096 Whats funny is they KNOW how cute they are and they work it to get them treats.
0.7096 0/10, better luck next time OP.
0.7088 My Lucy will allow anyone in her circle, they're the perfect dog!
0.7003 But if you're a troll like you say you are, and one as talented as you claim to be, how do I know you're not trolling me right now?
0.7003 Life is full of hope, as long as there's life there is hope.
0.6705 How does liking a gangster rap video affect your faith at all?

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-0.9709 I say it alot but this person really deserves it: WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT! Holy shit this person is fucking stupid.
-0.9353 This clueless twat deserved to have their car totaled, it's just too bad some innocent SOB had to destroy their car in the process.
-0.8883 What they are forced to deal with is far worse than being bullied!
-0.8796 I'm not sure which is worse, being a Trump supporter or being a dirty whore
-0.867 I get that people sometimes have lapses in judgement and on rare occasions do something kind of moronic, but there is no excuse for this level of stupid!
-0.836 For fucks sake, these religious nuts need to lighten the fuck up.
-0.8271 She probably wrote an essay after this about the oppressive nature of modern technology and how accidental selfies are akin to rape.
-0.7845 His claims have been disproven time and time again yet he'd continue to stand beside them, even posting fake evidence to back up his bullshit claims.
-0.7783 Can someone explain to a sad pathetic soul what this is about, I have not watched the video and am unable to at this time.
-0.7717 And what's worse is her mom died in 2006, never finding out what happened to her daughter.
-0.7684 Sometimes they might make aggressive gestures or growl but it's very unlikely for them to actually be violent.
-0.765 Are you really that immature that you are unable to look at a picture of a girl without having to make a stupid fucking comment about how you want to fuck her?