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0.8336 Suicides are not violent crime, the anti-gun people talk about crime.
0.8039 FYI, I'm not a big fan of Tucker but his face when she was like "You white people" made me giggle a bit.
0.6808 We don't know if the stealing poster story is true but yeah, that's like going to Saudi Arabia as a gay, Jewish woman and walking around with a menorah.
0.6808 Definitely good news.
0.6753 But they won't do anything violent or engage politically.
0.5859 I could expand on this more if you would like.
0.5106 But remember that [this] is free speech.
0.4588 There are some politicians who definitely want to "take our guns".
0.4588 The Kaaba is the big black cube structure in the Grand Mosque.
0.4585 Of course the right has their own nutjobs, I know conservatives who don't hate the left.
0.4404 Nope TIL, thanks.

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-0.9493 "OMG, 33k die from gun violence every year!" Our crime rate is ridiculous.
-0.9287 Under California law, if I modify my rifle so the stock is shorter because the rifle is long as hell and hurts my arms, then it's an assault weapon.
-0.8807 If suicide was allowed by the government, then they wouldn't use guns to kill themselves.
-0.875 In New Hampshire and now nationwide, pro-gun people have partnered up with suicide prevention groups giving information to gun shops and owners on suicide prevention.
-0.8402 Then they became the Mujaheddin Shura Council until we killed that fuck Zarqawi.
-0.8402 But no, we need to go after those evil assault-style machine gun rifles. /s
-0.8357 All their boxes and plastic BS does piss me off though because that's more shit that needs to be awkwardly carried.
-0.8176 When anti-gun people talk about gun violence, they are focused on preventing crime, which is why they almost never mention the 20k suicides.
-0.8074 Because it would freak out the parents and guns are evil.
-0.7845 The recent murder of that congressman make me worried about a new Years of Lead.
-0.7664 I'm not actually hurting anyone but if I try to make my gun more ergonomic, I could spend longer in jail than someone who is actually harmed someone.
-0.7334 So, you accuse me of racism.