/u/InsiderSwords is kind of a dick.

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0.8885 From the perfect cutscenes, choices, music, gameplay, and yes, the awesome speeches.
0.8442 Good luck and enjoy.
0.7964 Hope you'll love it.
0.7783 May they rest in peace, heroes.
0.7506 Poutine is delicious, wish we had more here.
0.7506 My friend sounds adorable when she speaks it though.
0.7476 Please stay safe so those savages don't murder you as well.
0.7334 It took me a long time to get into it so take it slow. Mass Effect 1 and in general If you care about achievements, know that some achievements are missable, especially the party ones.
0.7096 Glad you're safe.
0.7003 Then open up NICS. Well, you should be happy since they passed ammo background checks in California.
0.6908 Hope these rats get 20 years and hope they enjoy prison.

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-0.9382 If I believed in hell, I would pray that the rape, slavery, and a ton of other shit supporting clerics burn in it for eternity.
-0.9382 BART has a bigger problem of asshole homeless shitting on escalators, harassing people, attacking people, and just being douchebags in other ways than harassment based on race.
-0.9245 However, there was this Croatian fascist group that apparently was even more brutal than the Nazis and they murdered a lot of Serbs.
-0.9019 There's a way to get max points without actually spending points on it but its a massive pain in the ass and not recommended for a first playthrough.
-0.875 To those who want to know what happens: The murderer gets out of his saying that he is gonna kill that dude.
-0.8655 I was really scared about the recovery because everyone told me it was gonna hurt like hell so I took a week off from school.
-0.8625 A girl said that "all white feminists" go to the Middle East to rape and torture brown people.
-0.8316 So, now I can't get ammo because of the stupid fees and the fact that online sales will get fucked.
-0.8316 Leland Yee is a scumbag and he reminds me of a GTA villain.
-0.8271 Do these morons know that shit like this retarded PC bullshit is strengthening the far right?
-0.8271 What vile pieces of shit.
-0.8176 As vile and disgusting as the royal family is, they are nothing compared to the Wahhabis.