/u/InsiderSwords is kind of a dick.

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0.8442 Good luck and enjoy.
0.7964 Hope you'll love it.
0.7783 Pros 1) Great view and interesting stuff you can only find here.
0.7717 Fairly Liberal. Guns: I love guns and saying that in San Francisco is like saying you're a Satanist in the Vatican.
0.7687 Great, they probably didn't want to hurt me.
0.7476 Please stay safe so those savages don't murder you as well.
0.7334 It took me a long time to get into it so take it slow. Mass Effect 1 and in general If you care about achievements, know that some achievements are missable, especially the party ones.
0.7269 I think safes should be encouraged and maybe even rewarded by the government.
0.7269 Speech is also good, before you talk to someone, save your game.
0.714 Rizhik and Rizhulaster :) It's hard to type in English but it's a cutesy way to refer to something ginger in Russian.
0.7096 Glad you're safe.

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-0.9475 Worst: No pockets, where the hell am I gonna put my wallet, ipod, phone, pepper spray, and stun gun? Can't hide it when I fart. BART is now 10x more disgusting.
-0.9186 To other people , it's banning all firearms and locking up all gun owners because we're all evil terrorists or some shit like that.
-0.9019 There's a way to get max points without actually spending points on it but its a massive pain in the ass and not recommended for a first playthrough.
-0.8979 Horrible bill, it hurts the law abiding gun owners and not the criminals Edit: I would vetoed all of them except the felony gun theft one.
-0.886 Are you a terrorist, are you gonna kill someone?".
-0.8655 I was really scared about the recovery because everyone told me it was gonna hurt like hell so I took a week off from school.
-0.86 Who knows, you might get lucky. Don't do too much stupid shit. If you feel like you really hate the class, DROP ASAP.
-0.85 Pro-Death Penalty: Generally, I believe that criminals should be rehabilitated but we do a shitty job at it.
-0.8402 I'd show a picture of a regular Ruger 10/22 and ask if that should be banned and then I'd show an "assault weapon" Ruger.
-0.8271 What vile pieces of shit.
-0.8225 Poor guy will get killed soon.
-0.8196 I do cause I'm tiny but no one messes with me cause I apparently can look really scary.