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0.7269 Talk about what got you interested in your topic and be passionate about it.
0.6597 Yes, professors definitely take attendance the first few days.
0.6369 Don't listen to anyone who says that high school is the best time of your life.
0.6124 In the 70s, King Faisal increased the power of the Wahhabi religious establishment by welcoming Islamists from other states such as Abdullah Azzam and Muhammad Qutb.
0.5773 It would be allowed for self-defense, not for murder though.
0.5432 If you've taken a certain amount of units, the SAT requirement is waived and you don't have to worry about it
0.5423 Rest in peace, Charlie.
0.5327 Facebook is pretty bad, won't kill you though .
0.4939 Make at least one friend per class, usually that's someone who'll be sitting next to you.
0.4939 My friend and I were walking near it, I didn't notice the Scientology stuff until he pointed it out to me.
0.4927 Google Docs is very good for group projects.

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-0.9432 School would be attacked by ISIS multiple times, Snape would Feindfyre those fuckers and Harry would get pissed off enough to torture them.
-0.9032 Fucking hell, fucking terrorist.
-0.8932 "Nuclear bomb attack in San Francisco" "9.0 earthquake in San Francisco" Any kind of disaster really because I live here.
-0.8771 I really hate this douchebag.
-0.8658 Hell, it was probably the worst for me.
-0.8573 Of course the vast majority will do so responsibly but the USA gun death toll statistics don't lie.
-0.8402 I'm not the person you replied to but if I have an "assault weapon" in my state, I could go to jail for a year.
-0.8271 Maybe if all of the students had AR-15s in their desks not so many people would have died. The 13 year old did not use an automatic weapon and automatic weapons are almost never used in crimes.
-0.7964 Fuck, they shit all over the city.
-0.7906 When I say "That law is stupid" or "It had nothing to do with the crime", I get confronted with logical , insults, etc.
-0.7845 Hillary Clinton has accused Saudi Arabia of funding Sunni terrorist ground multiple times.
-0.7841 The Wahhabi fuckers are completely insane.