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0.7845 Trust these Brexit fucktards to think terminating 5 decades of international agreements is like leaving your job.
0.7579 S O V E R E I G N T Y Good thing we Took Back Control for some rich blokes to sell our public services to their mates.
0.7579 Do you think suppliers will hand over reagents for free?
0.743 I've played through Taris twice and loved it both times.
0.743 It's well established in the tech industry and in the study of computer science that Google's search algorithms are by far the best out there.
0.7096 The terms have been pretty clearly defined for decades, you just don't know the fucking definitions.
0.6517 Why would you support the legalisation of other drugs and not heroin?
0.6369 There's a reason why we have a representative democracy, and Brexit demonstrated that perfectly.
0.5719 They don't know what they're getting or even what they want, but it's red, white and blue and it means Brexit so it's time for the street parties.
0.5643 Diabetics have to take insulin every day or their body is fucked, but the alternative is no effective treatment. It's not just negative thoughts or feelings.
0.5595 Gaming's most circle jerked style, more like. Lots of indie games use pixel art because it's cheap and easy.

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-0.9574 These cuts are sick, but using the suffering of the disabled to push your dirty agenda is fucking vile.
-0.9331 Right, but being tough on crime does work 100% of the time, hence why there's no crime in South America.
-0.9299 "Our system is broken lets force people to vote" instead of asking what the real problem is. No, they actually say: "Haha, look at these stupid fucks!
-0.9217 When the NHS hire competent admin staff, all the clueless fuckers bitch and whine about beareaucracy and the fat cats and insist that they're a waste of money.
-0.8854 You really have no right trying to take the moral high ground while your kind are killing people and ruining lives, while targeting primarily the poor and mentally ill.
-0.8834 I hate you because you're a stupid cunt.
-0.8689 Regardless of whether it's a "cancer on society", prohibition makes it more of a cancer on society, so I don't see what you think you're achieving.
-0.8442 I am working class, and I also blame the people that deceived voters, so the only classist bullshit here is from you.
-0.8126 It does when the quality of service is suffering severely due to a lack of stuff...
-0.7964 Get the fuck out of here with your condescending "classic liberal" shit and come back when you can form a coherent thought.
-0.7939 Of course Trump doesn't care, but the idiots that elected him and the Republicans that are meant to back him might care about international pressure.
-0.7906 It's been used in several countries and reduced crime rates, but you'd rather act tough on crime while increasing crime just so you can keep pretending to be some righteous hero.