/u/I__write is a total dick!

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0.7684 I'm a Lib Dem but I think Corbyn would be a great leader.
0.7405 She has no values whatsoever, she just says what wins her the most votes, but now the Brexiteers are hailing her as the second fucking coming like she was born to lead us out of the EU.
0.7184 Because people just love being forced to adhere to certain values.
0.6908 It's hilarious that you're acting clever when you don't even have the most fundamental understanding of what you're waffling about.
0.6597 The real facts like we're now 350m/week better off?
0.6588 Do you think the Tories, after you've allowed them to win, will say 'look at all these dissatisfied people, better reform the system!'?
0.6369 I love how you're acting as if that's implausible.
0.5891 So authors should hand their work to someone else just to add some diversity? Or, you know, minority groups could just write their own books?
0.582 Playing nice and sharing facts won't save the NHS because our population is too thick, so this is what needs to be done.
0.5106 Over a year on and we've just triggered A50. As for WW3, fun fact, nobody ever actually said that.
0.4939 Why should anyone care that you aren't represented?

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-0.9643 People who attempt suicide are spending time in prison cells because there's no space on the wards. Horrible, disgusting cunt.
-0.8934 Stupid, stupid cunts.
-0.8847 There are people going into A &E, begging to be put in hospital, but getting told there's no space and then they go home and kill themselves.
-0.8439 There are suicidal people locked in fucking prison cells because there aren't any beds on the psych wards.
-0.8372 It usually doesn't save us any money, it's just spiteful people raging against imaginary spongers.
-0.8122 Consistently voting for governments with policies directly hurting the poorest, sickets, disabled, the most vulnerable people in our society.
-0.8074 Stupid fuckers.
-0.8074 Who needs satire when these stupid cunts are running the country?
-0.806 I've never liked UKIP, but Nuttall is so fucking bad.
-0.7906 Shame the media is conducting such a heavy character assassination, and the public are lapping it up.
-0.7845 No doubt when it happens they'll be blaming the EU or the remoaners that talked the country down.
-0.7778 Voting to make really stupid decisions that make things worse for all of us.