/u/IMAROBOTLOL is kind of a dick.

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0.8107 In the meantime, rally for alternate voting methods so that 3rd parties don't split votes, and we can hopefully get a left party that isn't as loony as Stein.
0.805 Love it, a bit more brash than Like Clockwork!
0.7351 It'd be a real great match for an ARG as well
0.7351 Well he's implicated in it so I think he has an interest in protecting Donnie as well right?
0.7076 This reads more like an attempt to jam in the "purity test" buzzword rather than to actually contribute to discussion, much like shouting about 'BENGHAZIIIII' or 'HER EMAILZ!'
0.7003 Here we go again with equating Bernie supporters with Trump supporters.
0.6908 m8 this comment posted like 8 times, fyi
0.6908 I feel like once the meat is cooked you can safely use a fork to transfer it
0.6531 Oh thank God I'm not alone in that.
0.6408 LMFAO what?
0.6369 Cool, thanks for the explanation.

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-0.8769 Of course it needed shoehorned in "viral video of the incident" bullshit, some TV movie sobstory flashback, and an AC/DC song. How the hell is this not straight to DVD?
-0.8658 Yeah in light of the tsunami of shit that is the Republican controlled government, I worry too many people have the idea that it suddenly means that it's forbidden to ever criticize Democrats.
-0.8591 No one wants to explain the sudden about face yesterday on how protesters went from 'Anti-cop antagonists' to 'standing up against hate and bigotry' in the span of about an hour.
-0.8122 Good news, no major terrorist attack in the US!
-0.8074 Fuck this clickbait title bullshit, do the rules prohibit submitting a different title?
-0.802 Are they gonna drown it in fanservice in series 3 and then irreparably fuck it all up in series 4 too?
-0.7236 What the fuck kind of sense is that supposed to make? By that logic, why shouldn't the Dems just stop proposing stuff altogether and not sit as window dressing?
-0.6808 This isn't nature, where the hell are the mods?
-0.6369 We're doomed, aren't we?
-0.631 I got your earlier point about 'hate*ful* speech' but this is hilariously off the mark to attack the other dude with that specific word.