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0.8107 In the meantime, rally for alternate voting methods so that 3rd parties don't split votes, and we can hopefully get a left party that isn't as loony as Stein.
0.807 Looks like it, it's pretty fucking cool IMO.
0.805 Love it, a bit more brash than Like Clockwork!
0.6705 I'm pretty sure the conversion happens *before* they can go to shows to arm up.
0.6369 Nice meme m8
0.6369 Cool, thanks for the explanation.
0.63 I'm new to this sub so this is probably really tame compared to other highlights, but we're slowly getting better!
0.5859 ok wow no need 2 b racist^^^^^^/s
0.5859 What an amazing 3fps gif

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-0.8689 Posted on *The 16th* ***OF MAY*** I hate the fuck as much as the next guy but this isn't part of the same tirade of Bullshit he's been spouting at Sadiq this weekend.
-0.8658 Yeah in light of the tsunami of shit that is the Republican controlled government, I worry too many people have the idea that it suddenly means that it's forbidden to ever criticize Democrats.
-0.8625 Maybe Hillary shouldn't have tried to blame Sandy Hook on him, or shit on him for his goals on reforming healthcare, or the shitty primary campaign she ran overall.
-0.85 I get that it's annoying, and you're right, but what the hell do you have to explain it to him for?
-0.8442 I think the dead VC in black was trying to escape the first 2 guys I killed.
-0.831 Even if it was real, is it really hypocritical for scientific consensus to change ***OVER THIRTY YEARS?!*** Seriously, at one point someone said "lead in gas and paint is a bad idea".
-0.8271 That's fucked up and the argument of "controversial ideas" is a cheap coverup.
-0.802 Are they gonna drown it in fanservice in series 3 and then irreparably fuck it all up in series 4 too?
-0.7906 Beautiful game, but brutally boring in the long run.
-0.7845 I get it, Stein said some dumb shit equivocating Trump and Clinton,but her voters were far far outnumbered by nonvoters and Johnson voters.
-0.775 This is some /r/offbeat thing for sure but I don't know why the hell it's here.
-0.6808 Senior quotes are meant to be tacky as hell.