/u/IMAROBOTLOL is a total dick!

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0.8225 They also kept treating Bernie like he was a quirky fringe candidate like Vermin Supreme.
0.7717 A great number of people would have supported Joe instead of jumping ship to Green too, imo.
0.7531 M8 this is a subreddit to make fun of niceguys, not *for* niceguys.
0.6841 LMAO have you never heard of a power vacuum?
0.6705 Pretty sure it's satire if it's an exact remake of that
0.6369 Why wouldn't the DNC establishment love him?
0.6249 Great job America.
0.6124 Yeah but in the gif I don't think they're meant to still be credit card companies.
0.6037 Yeah this WP is **shit.**
0.5719 Otherwise it's perfect.

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-0.9432 Granted, no one has died, but the gasoline is being poured for a horrible, horrible fire.
-0.9413 That's not even touching upon Russia, the Muslim Ban, the 20 billion dollar bullshit wall, a trade war with China, telling the EU and NATO to fuck off, Sabre rattling with Iran, etc.
-0.8661 Those who bitch loudest about "Sharia law" are the ones trying to instill the same bullshit under a cross instead. The view isn't just "opposing", like picking a wallpaper, **it's wrong**.
-0.8625 Maybe Hillary shouldn't have tried to blame Sandy Hook on him, or shit on him for his goals on reforming healthcare, or the shitty primary campaign she ran overall.
-0.8442 *Let's ignore the obvious rise in racism because it's an inconvenience to your reddit browsing experience.*
-0.8155 Quickly someone Photoshop out that fucking stupid "GMO" poison vial.
-0.7699 'WTF?' WTF do you mean 'WTF?'. Did you miss everything about Jeff Sessions?
-0.765 Contrast that with the cartoon villains staffing the cabinet and actively trying to destroy institutions to defend the environment, education, and healthcare.
-0.765 **Stop falling for obvious bullshit, and stop spreading obvious bullshit.**
-0.7184 I always wonder though, how much shit is left to leak?
-0.7003 There's a distinction between illiteracy and *functional* illiteracy.
-0.6705 Nobody tell the GOP that a Democrat killed Osama.