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0.9655 I appreciate your kind, genuine words. But I don't want to make this comment section about me; let's keep it about the brave, powerful survivors and the healers who help save so many valuable lives.
0.9544 You're clearly a kind and caring individual, as evidenced by the fact that you rescued this poor little thing, and also by the kind, grateful, and cheerful comments that you've left on Reddit so far.
0.9337 That in itself is one of the greatest beauties we as mankind can have, and you certainly exemplify the pinnacle of how great we can be to each other.
0.9325 :) I hope your [daughter's adorable and wise wishes] come true.
0.9325 I intend to follow my own words and make the best of the time I have off this summer. I hope everyone has an excellent, wholesome, fulfilling summer filled with all the joys you can muster.
0.9295 While I'm very open and happy about the existence of e-books, I'm glad to see that this man cares to preserve the importance of the original, physical medium of reading - the book.
0.9287 I sincerely hope you live in great health and happiness for the remainder of your lives.
0.9231 One of my favorite places to go until I was a teenager was a huge Barnes & Noble bookstore that was in the city; it would be a peaceful ending to a nice evening with my family.
0.9229 Lol, most encouraging thing I've read today. Well, I do know a practicing physician who paints - quite well, in fact - in his free time.
0.9217 I trust that you'll be able to do so over time, and wish you the greatest of luck in your journey.
0.9062 Great examples of the beauty and wisdom contained within that subreddit.

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-0.961 Death comes sooner than expected and frequently catches people by surprise. How can we reconcile this discomfort with death? We seem to get lost in the negativity of death.
-0.9592 well, we're actually not doing all too bad. We see more horrors than we ever have in history, but the rates of murder, poverty, lack of education, and sickness continue to go down.
-0.8779 So, I'll ask you: is there anything wrong or stressful in your life that causes you to express your anger at people here?
-0.8528 How much the process and thought of death itself makes us internally value life. Death is rarely, if ever, a positive thing.
-0.8225 What a waste of a life it would be if we ignore all of its beauty by living in the shadow of the fear of death.
-0.7759 That indicates to me that something's really making you unhappy such that you'd constantly be posting something negative.
-0.765 When those who have bad intentions get their hands on such technology, of course the world will see terrible outcomes.
-0.7543 I will get down with this shit And I won't put this cone down till it melts There will be no vanilla on my dido I'm in the cone, and always will be...
-0.7506 What I'm going to do is ask you: is anything wrong or stressful in your life right now, man?
-0.6486 I want our men to be brave enough to express themselves and actually solve their problems instead of hiding hem away for the fear of seeming inferior.
-0.6486 Falls like this, although they seem innocuous and are usually relatively harmless, can have devastating lifelong consequences. Maybe both of them were having a bad day and acted out on each other.
-0.6249 It's hard to see past the destruction all around us...