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0.9407 On the other hand, we're seeing the formation of many beautiful little lives, those wonderful animals that we love to call our own.
0.9398 We've been through so much together. When I was but a little pupper, you took me in with all the love and care that I could wish for.
0.9246 I wish you the best, my human. *I wonder if you treat your own humans as well as you treat me.
0.9231 "You are valued" If your cards are personalized, then explaining how the recipient is valued would be a sincere gift from the heart. I commend you greatly on doing this.
0.9208 Sometimes, that's all it takes - one little laugh or smile - to brighten someone's day, inspiring them to make another person's day better, who in turn will do the same.
0.9153 Are we plugging random subreddits? Cool then, I'll plug /r/FreeCompliments for those who need to be cheered up or hear a wise word from some great people.
0.9136 I just want to thank you for the respectful way in which you suggested this - it's amazing how lacking respect can be sometimes, and thus your comment really stood out for me.
0.9136 but then he sees a boy, excited and innocent, who wants to play and protect him.
0.9062 I can tell how much you loved - and still love - your dad, and I'm confident that he's living on through you, and will continue living on through your son.
0.886 Good, fun family time and love all around.
0.8834 A fantastic, active, lovable goof.

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-0.7506 I let the bad moments ruin the happy ones. What a waste.
-0.714 Constructive criticism is one thing, but this is simply rude.
-0.6908 I congratulate you on the things you have done, but there is no need to be rude.
-0.6486 I want our men to be brave enough to express themselves and actually solve their problems instead of hiding hem away for the fear of seeming inferior.
-0.6486 This is no accident.
-0.6442 Maybe it'll even provide some solace to other people who may happen upon this. It's never easy, but I hope this helps you go through a healthier grieving and healing process.
-0.6249 You're reducing the stress associated with bad health and with the aforementioned medical difficulties, which in turn will make you happier and healthier.
-0.6124 It took a whole lot of work to reverse this unhealthy mental process.
-0.6124 Some are born in a tough place, and others get bad owners.
-0.6023 It would be unethical and potentially dangerous for me to make any suggestions, and I definitely wouldn't want to compromise your health in any way, mate.
-0.5542 So much negativity on social media these days...
-0.5423 Instead, you chose to use that time in order to try to make me look bad by showing how many times I've posted those links, which numerous people have told me helped them in one way or another.