/u/IGiveFreecompliments is very positive!

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0.9493 And then, when you're back to your best, they'll bring you into their posterior boppenheimers all over again. True friendship can be a truly beautiful thing.
0.9366 You haven't commented much, but all of your comments are positive, encouraging, and in good spirits.
0.8934 There is someone out there who appreciates you for the wonderful person you are, and for the wonderful person that you can be.
0.891 It is the process of us solving our problems, of learning, of trying to become better that makes us as amazing as we are. So don't try to be the best there is.
0.8834 Say, you're pretty wonderful yourself, always leaving such uplifting and kind comments everywhere.
0.8798 shes kinda tall 2 of course but i want 2 meet more actual tall ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!!
0.8591 ;) I actually think you'd fit in pretty nicely in r/FreeCompliments.
0.8555 It's an assessment of the self - and then doing all you can to better yourself wherever you can. And, of course, the other part of loving yourself is simply accepting yourself for who you are.
0.8535 In all seriousness though, I do occasionally ask that people pay forward the compliment for the sake of spreading a little joy and happiness.
0.8519 But knowing the joy and comfort we give both of our patients, I'm glad we're both doing what we do.
0.8415 :D I've been trying to create a good shittymorph-like comment for a couple of months.

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-0.8442 Between the boredom and the dangers of the battles you fight for us, you do what many people would not have the physical, mental, emotional, or psychological fortitude to do.
-0.8126 It Begins with a lack of Understanding of the Self; a vivid Hole in the soul; Dreading your inadequacy. I understand.
-0.8123 No, Irene, don't encourage her to harass Kit Kat employees now!
-0.8074 Don't know how the hell they're training and what they're feeding these damn dogs these days.
-0.6486 I want our men to be brave enough to express themselves and actually solve their problems instead of hiding hem away for the fear of seeming inferior.
-0.6386 There's no point in hiding my motive - subtlety doesn't work as well as bluntness.
-0.6369 No problem man, sorry you're getting heavily downvoted.
-0.5859 Betcha 5 buckaroonies. Edit 3: this reminds me of the time that I accidentally squeezed out a bit too much toothpaste on my pants and my boss accidentally fell on that exact spot.
-0.5719 Oh geez, I just realized the grim thread I linked to here.
-0.5423 ~~Well then, how about [this thread?]~~ ~~Edit: actually, bad idea.
-0.5106 Too much negativity about every small thing on Reddit.
-0.4588 With my awful memory, I actually recognized this guy.