/u/IGiveFreecompliments is very positive!

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0.9598 I'm amazed at how you keep your spirits up, but I think it can help you in the long run. I hope you achieve remission soon, and get the opportunity to do whatever makes you happy in life.
0.9568 Even more of a champ. Thanks for the help you've given me, your consistent kindness to everyone and thanks for always being such a positive influence.
0.946 I'm confident that she appreciated it - you made her happier. I hope that you're able to find some semblance of peace over time.
0.9381 Hahaha - that's a great one, it actually made me laugh, thanks mate!
0.9349 Your kindness and good spirits make me think you truly deserve a second chance, because I know you'll do great things with it. Keep fighting and keep inspiring, mate.
0.9349 You're a genuinely kind, intelligent, strong soul, and I hope you continue to get stronger as you navigate through your life.
0.9253 Of course, I'd like my own to be bigger than it is, but I'm always glad when I see true friendliness all over this website.
0.9168 :) E: And whoever wants to make some nice comments *and* posts, please feel free to visit /r/FreeCompliments - now known as the older and wiser form of wholesomememes!
0.8957 ;) Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of luck.
0.8934 :) Congratulations on a successful surgery.
0.8932 I hope you and everyone reading this has a fantastic, joyful day!

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-0.8481 Jimmydead caught me drop dead guilty.
-0.846 I'm so sorry you're going through this, but it's unfortunately something that we must all experience and suffer.
-0.8402 --- Worst experiences apart from the death of your pet. I'm trying to gauge whether or not to get a dog this summer.
-0.802 I'm sure it was hell for most people who went through war.
-0.7961 Even the worst of the worst would not stop not people from enjoying themselves. So yes, what I wrote was cheesy.
-0.7906 Due to the prevalence of depression, it's quite likely that most of you know someone who's depressed.
-0.7579 Pretty horrific. What's interesting is how these circumstances contributed to creating a generation of tough, yet broken spirits. Man, I'm one lucky bastard to not have to live through war.
-0.7184 Usually worse. In either case, it was clearly hell for this guy.
-0.705 I'm always debating the necessity of war given various circumstances, but one thing is clear: it's always destructive, in every sense of the word, whether for better or worse.
-0.5994 To be fair, it's both - war is conflict on a large scale.
-0.5562 Sick update!
-0.5423 But then I remember that Reddit is a tremendous community with a lot of different individuals, including many who are indifferent to nonsense posts.