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0.8941 Dialga would be amazing :D Thanks Starly F level 2
0.872 Fantastic stress relief knowing you have good friends to talk to, and they have someone who will listen.
0.8271 Thank you :) enjoy your genesect
0.8219 And they would absolutely love for Scotland to get independence as it makes a United Ireland a lot more viable. It's not moaning, it's having a long term goal.
0.8038 Enjoy your genesect :D
0.802 Yeah that's grand :) I'll add you now
0.7925 That's grand :D
0.7906 IGN: Steve, Deposited a Drifloon, lvl 31, Male Guesses: Raichu, Bronzor, Phanphy Thanks, this is awesome
0.7865 Thanks again :D
0.779 Thank you so much :D
0.7783 That feeling of "Wait what?" when I got to go back to Kanto was amazing, felt like the story continuing.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5994 Equals fuel and maybe a death or two
-0.5574 Then it's back to talking shit.
-0.5574 Never mind, it's a idiotic thing to even think.
-0.5214 Man, I was so upset when I found out it wouldn't evolve.
-0.296 That Rhino will be no match for them.
-0.1351 Aren't Pakistan friendly with China as well?
-0.128 Can't see the third as you were offline
-0.0772 They looks nice, and have a worse catch rate than normal pokeballs.
0.0 Unionists are guaranteed a UK passport and citizenship though.
0.0 The Normans did make us some kickass castles.
0.0 Disneyland.
0.0 I couldn't think of anything else because of the castle.