/u/HueyFE2011 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8934 Well thanks for sharing beautiful
0.8807 Thank you for sharing beautiful ;-)
0.8625 Good Lord Yes it is gorgeous
0.8439 Beautiful, just beautiful!
0.836 Love too, looks delicious
0.8356 Love to sexy, sit it right on my tongue!
0.8316 Beautiful just beautiful
0.8016 Welcome back beautiful!
0.7964 You're succeeding beautiful
0.7901 My tongue is free at the moment sexy!
0.765 I'd gladly love to fill you to overflowing

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5859 Get on your knees and beg slut
-0.5423 You know what happens to bad girls..
-0.4753 Damn sexy ass!
-0.4576 Hot Fucking Damn
-0.4215 Damn sexy as fuck
-0.4215 Oh Damn sexy as fuck
-0.4215 Hot Damn sexy as fuck
-0.2714 Fuck yes, you're hired!
-0.2481 Come up behind her, slide that thong aside and bury my cock deep in that sexy ass!
-0.1779 Lucky bastard
-0.0516 Hot Damn sexy tits.
-0.0258 Sexy as fuck