/u/HueyFE2011 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8439 Beautiful means beautiful as always!
0.8356 Love to have that sexy MILF with my coffee!
0.8122 Great first post,, welcome!
0.7901 Always a good day for your beauty!
0.7783 Good Morning beautiful
0.75 Pretty good!
0.7424 Oh I definitely agree with that.....I need to find this coffee shop everyone is going too, cause Dayum there are some fine ladies headed there!
0.6988 I'd love too!!
0.6808 yep sexy as fuck....
0.6696 love the glasses and your longer hair too!
0.6588 Yes it certainly would!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7351 Damn what an ass
-0.7088 Hot as hell!
-0.508 Oh Hot damn!!
-0.4753 Damn sexy ass!
-0.4753 Hot Damn, sexy as fuck!
-0.4588 Tell me your sins my child....
-0.4574 Damn coffee seems to be the goal of the day today!
-0.4019 Damn need a hand..
-0.4019 Damn I need to find that coffee shop...
-0.3595 What a good cocksucker she is!
-0.2942 Damn fine tush!
-0.2942 What a good slut!