/u/HueyFE2011 is very positive!

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34Overall Score
49Positive Score
18Negative Score
32Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.9186 Hmmmm God yes, love to take that gorgeous body for a ride
0.8588 Love to keep you company gorgeous!
0.8553 Love you beautiful body baby!
0.8553 Love to beautiful!
0.8553 I would love too beautiful!
0.8356 Damn beautiful, love to join!
0.8074 Your beautiful and sexy body.
0.8016 Love to help you out with that!
0.7845 Love to help you out with that
0.784 Yes it is beautiful!
0.784 Yes beautiful, why not!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6369 Look like a dirty slut.
-0.5859 Then get on your knees between my thighs slut
-0.4753 Damn sexy as fuck!
-0.4753 Oh damn sexy as fuck!
-0.4753 Damn fine tits!
-0.4215 Damn sexy as fuck.
-0.4215 Hot Damn sexy as fuck
-0.4215 Damn, sexy as fuck.
-0.4215 Damn sexy as fuck
-0.3164 Needs a hard cock buried in it!
-0.2481 Lucky bastard that collared you!
-0.228 Good little cocksucker