/u/HueyFE2011 is very positive!

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28Overall Score
44Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8979 Such a gorgeous body, love to visit and help out with the horny part
0.8625 Beautiful, like a hand washing your back ?
0.8399 Wow, very beautiful
0.8347 Very beautiful, sexy body.
0.8316 Your sexy body is a good fit too.
0.8225 Would love to sexy.
0.8225 Yummy, love some chocolate for desert
0.8126 Gorgeous and sexy.
0.8074 You should it's super sexy
0.7828 So sexy, thanks for posting.
0.7777 Love to swing by and entertain you!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.8442 Oh hell I'd fuck that tight pussy anytime.
-0.6996 Take that cock in your sexy ass, slut!
-0.5994 Damn you are sexy as hell
-0.5994 Damn, love wreck the fuck out of it.
-0.5574 White dress is sexy as fuck, and i can just bend you over and smack your bare ass
-0.5423 Oh that will get your ass spanked.
-0.5267 Damn, lucky bastard.
-0.508 Damn Sexy....well if you have an itch, scratch it!!
-0.4926 Hell yes apply in person!
-0.4753 Hot Damn sexy as fuck!
-0.4753 Hot Damn, sexy as fuck!
-0.4215 Damn sexy ass