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0.9423 :) I started IF in about March and then moved to 48hour fasts but would like to do a 5 day fast :) My Stats: F/5'9/SW:162/CW:154.6/GW:143 So we have roughly the same stats as well :)
0.9422 Hello :) happy holidays! If you are still looking to give away the biore aqua rich I would be interested xx
0.9168 Yes fasting has made me realise how much I actually enjoy cooking aswell! My dad is happy for me to cook him his breakfast as a replacement haha.
0.9006 Thank you :D I love team groups on fitbit!
0.8908 Yay glad it worked :) I restarted my phone so many times trying to get it to work! Bit Ticker should work all okay aswell.
0.8797 Sweeet :D Do you fast from the Sunday night or Morning morning? I see you're from the UK as well so we will have the same time zones :D
0.8705 Well done with the restraint :) Hope shark week isn't too bad for you x
0.8687 I just looked at her and then she said it's my body and I can do what I like, and she's been quite supportive during the week, which is nice :)
0.8531 Sure :) the dress is from westward bound and the corset is from house of harlot :D
0.8494 Always love taking selfies :D
0.8494 Love the group :D didn't realise you could do that on fitbit

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-0.8615 My phone totally died on me :( needs to be sent out for repair. I use my phone for EVERYTHING, so I was stressing abit.
-0.8518 **AOTD** I try to avoid cheat days because I end up just going too crazy and I never feel better after it anyway! My fasting schedule hasn't gone to plan this week.
-0.7184 My Santa never wrote to me and last pulled my information on the 15th of February :( Sad times.
-0.6124 I have to move the fruit out of my sight whilst watching TV. Haven't found a way to truely fight the craving unfortunately.
-0.5574 **AOTD:** mini goal is to complete a 40 hour fast during the week and to avoid going crazy on fruit.
-0.4767 My face is broken
-0.4767 No I went Torture Garden :)
-0.3071 I love how keto makes me feel but I always crave fruit :(
-0.1511 The assistant recommend suitable trainers for me and all the pains went!
-0.0258 hoping it will do it again as I have 1 folder I need to move to my SD card :(
0.0 The bridge was flat, it's just the photo which is at an angle.
0.0 Red resort - Rossland, BC