/u/HodorTheMannis is kind of a dick.

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0.7579 I would return it and smack the shit out of him. He looks like he calls people 'nigger' ingame
0.5994 Ayy lmao - Ash
0.5574 I agree that metally ill people should get help BEFORE they commit such crimes.
0.5574 Hahaha klaaar.
0.5267 That's the kind if reply that you think of 2 weeks later when you shower
0.5267 Erinnert ihr euch noch an den Trken der das Kind gefoltert hat?
0.5106 The medication is free for people who cant afford it
0.4404 But damn, she tongue fucked.my ear like a champ.
0.431 So these ayy lmaos know not to fuck with us
0.4215 Lol what if he finds out you have sex with your wife
0.4023 "Hi" Protip: Don't be ugly

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-0.8439 Wir brauchen die nicht, die brauchen uns! Ach und man will deutsche panzer in der trkei herstellen.
-0.8316 Die Trken haben den Hollndern mit sanktionen gedroht BEVOR die so reagierten.
-0.8316 Die Trkei will in die EU und nicht umgekehrt.
-0.8316 Naja wenn die Regierung jahrelang den IS untersttzt hat, sowohl logistisch als auch finanziell, dann muss man auch anzweifeln, dass die der Bevlkerung helfen. Edit: Grammatik
-0.749 Are you really that stuck up, that you compare a guys-night to open racism?
-0.7399 How the hell can you feel sorry for a psychopath? What next?
-0.7184 Drunk you at 4am in a shitty bar
-0.7184 Some plastics leak shit into the liquid.
-0.6908 But after a cold blooded murder?
-0.6908 Fuck no, just lock them up and throw the keys away.
-0.6731 Dude don't remind us of that! FUCK KONAMI
-0.5994 Nope, das BVG hat auch behauptet das die sich nicht auf internationales.