/u/HodorTheMannis is kind of a dick.

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0.9095 Even if she didn't rape and kill herself, she actively help others do so.
0.7351 Actually NK is pretty sweet if you are a chinese male.
0.7269 50% work pretty good for me
0.7269 Do you feel like a hero yet?
0.7198 The animator should be publicly executed. I can't believe they fucked up one of the best fights from the whole anime
0.6597 You also learn social stuff, like solving conflicts, making friends etc.
0.6486 Dude won 46 of 48 fights and some kid is filming him while making fun of him.
0.6115 German-French friendship is really important to us
0.5859 I am talking about the TI5 winner sumail.
0.5719 He was 16 when he won
0.5367 You really think banks care how they make their money?

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-0.8316 Vermutlich htte die spd dann die Wahl knapp gewinnen knnen
-0.703 I once saw dendi make a stupid play and die, just to flame his support who could never ever save him.
-0.6964 She joined an organization which was and is well known for their beheadings, enslavement of even children and almost every war crime you can think of.
-0.6956 Zoro, but only his lazyness and bad orientation
-0.6597 So are you telling me that Bran fucked up EVEN MORE?
-0.6486 Nah man, when you die, they will pick it up and stomp the whole city.
-0.6444 These fuckers can get a girl to join ISIS, and I can't even get a fucking text back smh.
-0.6408 FUCK dwarf fortress.
-0.5994 Wrden Sie dies weiter untersttzen, wenn - rein theoretisch - die AfD strkste Partei wre? Eher sowas in der Art
-0.5994 Digga die meisten Sachen von deiner Liste isst man als Student. Keine Lust zu Kochen
-0.5994 Sollen die doch heiraten, mir egal.
-0.5994 Richtig, in NRW hat die CDU der AfD eine Menge Whler dadurch abgezogen. SPD muss auerdem nach der Klner Sylversternacht entschlossenheit zeigen.