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0.92 I really enjoyed our talk and I hope we have talks like that in the future in the channel as well :)
0.9022 Lol what a great map, i love this
0.9022 It's more about the win-win philosophy and practical day-to-day techniques so we can all become better persons. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it :)
0.9014 I totally agree! I hope you liked the video :)
0.8977 so nice so cool i love this
0.8977 So nice, so cool i love this
0.879 So cool and beautiful, nice!!
0.8748 Haha nice licking, that's beautiful!
0.8712 hahaha that's so funny, nice
0.8689 Well, I'm here. And I hope you liked the video nevertheless :)
0.8622 I know and I have watched some of his, I like this guy! This video is more about practical day-to-day techniques though, so I think it can help a great deal whoever implies them.

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-0.5849 That's so bad
-0.4767 What a shame
-0.0772 That's too bad, take care man
0.0 I will put 2 Ideas from the video !
0.0 Stuff you can apply right now!
0.0 I see your point and I get that the book has some "manipulative" parts, but if you watched the video, it isn't about these at all.
0.0 Such a gentleman
0.0 With your hands
0.0 The questions he makes.
0.0 without it i cant answer sh t
0.0 Omg that's so stunningg!!
0.0 I wonder what will happen