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0.9516 Jeremy underground has played some amazing sets imo too so hopefully they'll bounce off each other and Kerri will play plenty of his own insanely good tracks haha
0.9197 Wow 15th most positive of everyone so far, awesome
0.908 haha wow that is lucky, I have the p45 so its likely it could squeeze in like that!
0.9042 Thank you this stuff is super helpful, I completely forgot about nano haha.
0.9041 Oh that's great to hear thank you, and cool photos haha!
0.8957 Should be able to figure out some more stuff now but these other distros sound interesting and I agree with your thinking, might check them out too :)
0.886 Thanks man, glad you like it :)
0.8831 Not really sure if you could say these aren't well known but I'd say dance tunnel and Corsica are easily the best for underground dance music.
0.8799 Cool article, thank you, I am liking this stuff so far, cheers!
0.8622 That sounds great anyway, I'd love to be able to just jam along with some songs!
0.8591 Nice, happy listening to you too man, I will try to pick out some of my favourites another day maybe :)

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-0.8807 And anyone who knows their shit in a club will know it, and they'll judge you for it, no track is good enough to tarnish your reputation on stealing music/playing shitty quality music.
-0.6324 I'm not sure how adjustable cut offs could 'destroy a sound system' unless you're heavily gaining with the isolator anyway.
-0.4449 Both aren't fantastic and personally I'd consider saving up a bit more for one of the more standardised tts on the market and you'll never need to upgrade ever.
-0.4215 I'm studying in the UK at probably the leading DS university but I covered all of the requirements for these courses in first year which makes them seem a bit questionable to me.
-0.4019 The only thing stopping you is yourself, it's a simple matter to stop using those aids; if you need to turn your laptop away from you and tape over the sync button or something.
-0.3291 The glaring issue is feedback/resonance in the club, they aren't up to the same standard as technics there but unless you're playing on an insane system it never factors in
-0.296 I can't really afford the latter so is there any reason to avoid the p45?
-0.296 And secondly, a rip is always audible on a system above some home speakers, it is by no means an audiophile thing.
-0.2952 I guess if it was really terrible, but maging is always going to be necessary really unless you're paying loads for overmaged/exo stuff already
-0.2244 Yeah sadly it is, i think it might have a couple more weeks though!
-0.2115 I hope you aren't being sincere haha
-0.1779 There is a mix of this track with Japanese weird yodelling stuff going on too, can't remember where it was released though