/u/Halofreak1171 is kind of a dick.

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0.8126 Meeting my best friend.
0.7841 So unless the other two are much more powerful, I cant see a way for the team to win.
0.7717 Skulduggery Pleasant joins hands with Valkyrie, China sorrows, Fletcher, Sacaren Rue and Dexter Vex and becomes A super sorcerer god.
0.7713 We had been close friends for a while so we were very comfortable.
0.7703 Never trusted someone so much and never had so much fun
0.7531 But happy birthday to WP.
0.7505 I don't see the SP universe winning, despite having 3 lovecraftian horrors on their side
0.7269 I believe that was his reason to write the series, to make sure his characters always win
0.7096 Good luck betting that
0.6696 Also Romania best Mania!
0.6652 I don't know enough about kaladin or rick but masterchief and doomguy, while strong probably could not even touch Darkseid or Thanos.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9782 I have no doubt octavian would be killed almost instantly but skulduggery probably has no problem killing them all, whether he has to fly and attack from above, or burn down the entire battleground.
-0.9623 Vile could just instantly kill Aggreddion who afaik has no combat feats or even combat magic and than death bubble the rest.
-0.9408 It is a good point but Vile was able to beat her back and take her city destroying attack full on.
-0.9287 Assuming the opponents are in character, Vile could use his death bubble to kill them while they talk / dance.
-0.872 Putin, Hillary and pence but pence is in a car accident whereas he also kills trump.
-0.8519 If he does have any trouble, he can just change into vile, though I doubt he will if in character.
-0.8511 So yeah, Vile gets destroyed by Darquesse than and is much more weak than he was before.
-0.85 Hes technically insane but I feel that this would be his ultimate hell.
-0.8402 Plus if need be Vile has his death bubble, which is a trump card.
-0.836 Skulduggery has to watch his wife, child, all the dead men and valkyrie repeatedly tortured.
-0.8074 His biggest trouble will be trying to keep octavian alive, which despite skuls skills and expertise would be a fail, as I doubt he can stop 100 or so skinwalkers at the same time
-0.8054 Im not sure how he'd stop vile