/u/Hahahagofuckyourself is kind of a dick.

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0.78 What precautions did they take while determining it was or was not a bomb to make sure the students and staff of the school were safe?
0.7351 He has a 0% success rate for traffic camera tickets, and I would wager a lower than 20% success rate for actual officer involved cases.
0.7003 Responsible for your actions, like how when your ex girlfriend got that ERO for when you beat the shit out of her, you threatened her sister? Class act.
0.6996 Hope this helps!
0.6908 The other week during our heatwave I saw some deputies giving free slurpee coupons to kids and parents with kids.
0.6808 You sound like an absolute champ.
0.6705 it's like someone left their casio on demo mode. haha of course downvotes.
0.6705 You seem like a person of interest now, so I am forwarding all of your information to the OPD and Sheriffs dept.
0.6705 That is a pretty huge difference.
0.6486 Can you guess which community had incredible growth in the past 10 years, with increasing property values and lots of space available for sale?
0.6369 What are the white leaders going to do to make sure the normal population feels safe.

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-0.9423 Yeah, fuck gawker for reporting on rape and death threats to people in the gaming community by monsters hiding under "ethics in journalism"
-0.926 Doctors have killed 121,000 people so far this year and are on track to kill much more. Where is the outrage?
-0.9128 If you can't admit there is a problem with the way rape is seen in our culture, I can't help you. I hope this was informative, and know I am not talking down to you.
-0.9062 people in this sub are stupid as shit. troll comments that the show is dead and it should be buried.
-0.9022 Cry more about how your shitty chargers fucked you.
-0.8861 Wouldn't it be better to use the gun to threaten them with it versus shooting first? Pulling out a gun without the intention to use it is a good way to get yourself killed.
-0.886 This is the stupidest fucking thing I have seen today, and I see plenty of stupid shit every time I look in the mirror.
-0.8834 Think about any news story where someone is going to prison and the first jokes that are made are about prison rape.
-0.8834 What gives you the right to throw your dead body into my car window after you crash, thus damaging my property.
-0.8807 One: Prove that happened. Two: Oh, so fucking someone means it is ok to get death and rape threats, got it.
-0.8658 Go jerk off into your mouths you stupid fuckers.
-0.8641 I'd fuck myself but I don't have to, your bitch of a father is here waxing my dick like a pro.