/u/Guns_r_us is a total dick!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.807 I have great hope for America now!
0.7096 Have a nice day :^)
0.6973 Surprisingly enough politicians can easily make peace once the election is over which isn't true for their constituents.
0.6893 It will be fucking great for the future of America!
0.6486 I would take great pleasure putting a few rounds in between the eyes of that hooded fuck.
0.6398 To be fair I don't give a shit about that irrelevant drug addict.
0.636 #Oh this is beautiful!
0.6249 A joke worthy of deportation.
0.6239 It's amazing!
0.6124 I'd love to punch a smug fuck like you in the throat.
0.6124 Kek I'd attempt to beat the shit out of that guy if I was the biker.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8689 I hope this cunt gets raped to death.
-0.8552 Biden sounds like a great guy as a person, but I'd fucking die in a pile of hot brass before I let that piece of shit politician take my fucking guns.
-0.8316 Hateful, spiteful, bigoted people came to my city refusing to assimilate.
-0.8271 Nope, but having violent protests and burning down businesses will.
-0.8183 "If you kill your enemies they win" What a fucking pathetic excuse for a man.
-0.8008 Is it really so hard to kill a bunch of fucking monkeys?
-0.7906 Fuck you and fuck the refugees.
-0.7841 Stupid fucking cunt.
-0.7717 You mean after this commie fuck spent the past year insulting Trump?
-0.7579 If I knew I was going to be around those crazy violent motherfuckers you're damn right I'd have my ar15 and a plate carrier with extra mags handy and ready to go.
-0.7096 Fuck you too prick.
-0.7096 Fuck you prick.