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0.9294 Last guesses of the night, hope I get something right! Favorite Anime Character: Sonoda Umi from Love Live? Favorite Pokemon: Glaceon?
0.9076 Thank you so much, I hope you have a wonderful Holiday too!
0.8858 I hope everyone the best of luck!
0.8805 I wish everyone the best of luck!
0.8788 94 If I win please inbox me :D
0.8648 Thank you so much I hope you have a wonderful day too!
0.8622 Oh well, Best of luck to everyone who is eligible to enter!
0.8074 My hobby is Magic the Gathering, super expensive cardboard yay.
0.7644 People like you make online communities amazing!
0.7476 Favorite Pokemon: Pikachu? Favorite Character: Emilia from Re:Zero?
0.7456 May I have a code please :D

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-0.7351 Someone's sniping the Pikipeks on GTS? IGN: Sean Depositing another, level 3 female I think I might be too late due to Reddit anti spam :/
-0.5423 TLDR: Fuck Takumi
-0.5255 He can go die in a fire for all I care!
-0.3559 I'm not particularly interested in cars.
-0.34 I must say out of every Fire Emblem game, Takumi is the character that ticks me off the most .
-0.34 Anyways that's the end of my rant.
-0.296 http://imgur.com/a/twEUM So do I need more codes to unlock Pilot Execution or am I missing an option to unlock?
-0.1129 I want everyone who hasn't had a chance yet get codes.
0.0 .
0.0 I'm not even close to the amount of karma needed.
0.0 Beatrice from Re:Zero?
0.0 Cloned Shiny hunting Smurgles?