/u/GreaseMonkey_13 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9134 That is a beautiful and perfect looking pussy to go with that amazing body!
0.9041 Wow those boobs are amazing, they need to always be free!
0.8582 Wow those proportions are amazing!!!
0.8468 Wow this is so sexy
0.8464 So it's a win win
0.8436 Amazing is an understatement, that body is absolutely perfect!
0.8402 What an amazing backside, love the dimples and the tan lines
0.8402 Thank you for sharing your perfect looking pussy
0.8402 Your body is amazing and I love that bush
0.8271 Wow you are a beautiful woman
0.8225 Wow and amazing boob

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7096 Until my balls were numb from slapping against your ass
-0.6486 Goddamn you are sexy as hell
-0.6359 I want to taste that all so bad
-0.5423 Can I take the ass after you bf?
-0.4754 So freaking aexy
-0.4576 Looks so damn tight.
-0.4404 I want her to steal my soul
-0.4019 If her boobs were the sun I would stare until I went blind
-0.296 Could you only stop at a slight prodding
-0.2631 Who doesn't like a beautiful view while they enjoy eating their dinner
-0.126 Holy shit she is sexy!
-0.0572 Who wouldn't want to try and pick that lock