/u/GilroyMD is very positive!

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0.9042 you are gorgeous thank you for sharing your pictures, and making days better
0.8779 I had a Halfling rogue, who convinced everyone that his normal dagger was intelligent. when I was DM'ing I gave a wish to a character who didn't realize they got the wish.
0.8779 I knew i loved that spice for a reason :) you'll even get me to enjoy coffee
0.875 I am super excited to be able to celebrate with you
0.8689 I always love your smiles, thank you
0.8481 thank you for sharing those beautiful breasts
0.7717 my pleasure :)
0.743 wow, I like what I see
0.7322 So i fugured be safe :) you look incredible
0.7096 You can ask your friend to make a level 2 character, to keep the party balanced
0.6908 you have an adorable smile too

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5994 We were taught more the causes and effect of the civil war.
-0.5267 very similar to the [Tuck me in] video which I think was based off one of these two sentence horror prompts
-0.4939 the ring was destroyed mid March
-0.3818 I think that everytime I ache for you
-0.3612 When in doubt keep learning and question what youve been taught
-0.34 a kid stealing the staff because he wants to help his village with some bandit problem, could both take the staff away and give you a hook for a new adventure
-0.34 I've gotten distracted
-0.25 I need to be stuck in traffic now too
-0.2411 I wasnt sure if i would get you or your hubby.
0.0 it is absolutely spankable
0.0 I think it is.
0.0 the hobbits left the shire in mid September.