/u/GilroyMD is very positive!

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45Overall Score
50Positive Score
1Negative Score
47Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.7845 I would love to help with that
0.7717 I would happily join you ;)
0.765 I would love to play
0.75 they look wonderful to play with!
0.743 that would be fun :)
0.7269 I love how women can do that reveal ;)
0.7096 well then it had better get opened up and used ;)
0.6908 I will help :)
0.6705 I would adore this view ;)
0.6597 oh I wish I could help
0.6486 I am sure I would be up for a second round :)

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
0.0 She seems oddly familiar
0.0 I have some you can use
0.0 its been too long
0.0 spectacular
0.0 spectacular
0.0 I would go to the left one
0.0772 I want to make that happen
0.128 you have a gorgeous ass
0.1531 You have a great ass
0.1779 I love that ass
0.2263 That is perky and uplifting ;)
0.2263 you are looking incredible ;)