/u/Giligan124 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9432 Wow what a perfect delicious pussy and amazing breasts
0.8834 Freed boobs are the best kind.
0.8807 I would love to share her amazing body
0.8481 I would love to have my face burried between your gorgeous thighs
0.8439 Wow you look absolutely gorgeous
0.8316 Wow that's gorgeous
0.8271 Looks like a perfect fit to me
0.8225 Wow what an amazing pussy you have
0.8225 Wow those are some amazing boobies
0.8225 Wow you look amazing
0.8225 you have amazing eyes wow

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7579 Your poor neglected pussy.
-0.4215 Haven't eaten all day and I'm starving.
-0.3818 An ache with only one cure
-0.296 Horny and sexy as hell
-0.2682 I'll help you back on the bed and roll you over so your ass is up in the air
-0.25 I think it needs a hard cock
-0.1779 Fishnets, plad and a nice ass
-0.0772 Toughest decision of my life
-0.0516 Free the ass too
0.0 10/10 absolutely suckable
0.0 He's right it does
0.0 You are incredible