/u/Gangstanigga is kind of a dick.

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0.7579 hand all that Karma to me and you're free to go.
0.6705 im pretty sure someone would notice if an entire village got kidnapped
0.6705 Looks like a Jeep Grand Marquis
0.5859 my moms 09 suburban is pretty solid.
0.5859 The new Chargers look amazing.
0.5719 happy cake day
0.5106 Trust me it happens back then, its just everyone has a camera now
0.4449 I just call up my buddy D Horse and run because when im on horseback running in a straightline they tend to channel their inner storm trooper and cant hit shit.
0.4404 Hope they have a fwd?
0.4019 But then whoever i send it to might think i have special needs

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8442 holy fuck i though i was the only one what the hell
-0.8345 Holy shit i cant see straight, my sides are burning, im coughing up a storm someone send an ambalands holy shit
-0.8122 What kind of shit went down when theres a bear hauling ass down a hill in a burning truck
-0.7964 Fuck those shitty ads
-0.7845 Shit, if two motherfuckers fell from the sky Im sure as hell not waiting for more
-0.7845 from all the videos ive seen of RL traffic in some crazy situations, ive yet to see anyone do stupid shit like this.
-0.765 Reminder: Buy oral gel when ass hurts
-0.765 Holy fuck 43:00 im crying
-0.7263 "Oh no he locked every door in the house what ever should we do!" Second shit goes down im sailing out a fuckin window
-0.6908 Did texas grow a tumor or someshit what the hell is that looks like a mouth.
-0.6808 I wanna know what the hell went down.
-0.6808 Hell naw i woulda never went in the first place