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0.9643 I love the gameplay improvements, I love the way it continues and concludes the storylines, I love seeing all of the characters back, I love the world.
0.937 Like, assuming that money and time weren't problems, something you've always hoped you could do with the band? Thank you for your time and for being so awesome!
0.9274 I love the gameplay, I love the characters, I love the writing.
0.9224 I love Planet Coaster, but I think its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness: the insane amount of customization.
0.8938 I still need to finish Witcher 3, though at this point I find my interest in going back to it waning over time as I get more games I like better like Andromeda and Persona.
0.8873 It's a weird one, kind of plotless and doesn't go where you think it will go, but the characters are all fun and there's a lot of good jokes.
0.8756 I finally got around to playing Mass Effect 3 and it's so good, I love it.
0.8714 As someone who never really bothered with decorations or scenery in the original RCT games, it's neat to have to actually work with it and try to make parks look aesthetically pleasing.
0.8655 Long time lurker, just wanted to congratulate the sub for being a year old as well as just being a great place to discuss music!
0.8622 it's really great and I can't believe how much I love it.
0.8472 Even just making a drink stand feels like this fun building experiment to make it look nice.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8462 Clunky and takes a while to get into, but the writing and world building make up for some of the gameplay flaws, like the combat or the terrible terrible inventory system.
-0.8176 Not to mention the low amount of health refills relative to the amount of damage enemies can do to you.
-0.7391 Not bad, but a lot of, "Cerberus/The Reapers are attacking this base.
-0.7383 Game is fun but the difficulty and checkpoint system are very frustrating.
-0.6369 Seriously fuck that place.
-0.6239 Sorry about that, and sorry you had your PS4 stolen!
-0.5849 The first one was my first RPG as a kid, and i was really bad at it so I didn't get far.
-0.5773 I didn't care too much for how you can't change things like face, nose, or brow shape without changing default templates.
-0.4939 I like Kill the Moon.
-0.4927 It can make parts of it really frustrating.
-0.4874 The character creator feels weirdly scaled back and I'm not sure why.
-0.4549 The camera fluctuates in speed so often, plus it's hard to really get precise movement with it, especially at odd angles.