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0.9643 I love the gameplay improvements, I love the way it continues and concludes the storylines, I love seeing all of the characters back, I love the world.
0.937 Like, assuming that money and time weren't problems, something you've always hoped you could do with the band? Thank you for your time and for being so awesome!
0.9274 I love the gameplay, I love the characters, I love the writing.
0.8873 It's a weird one, kind of plotless and doesn't go where you think it will go, but the characters are all fun and there's a lot of good jokes.
0.8756 I finally got around to playing Mass Effect 3 and it's so good, I love it.
0.87 But the first half of the movie isn't just accurate to the book, but also very fun and interesting.
0.8655 Long time lurker, just wanted to congratulate the sub for being a year old as well as just being a great place to discuss music!
0.8221 While there are some moments I wish were done better, it all comes together to really help with the presentation of the show.
0.8176 The highlight is Jonah Hill, who gives a pretty good performance.
0.8173 It felt like Todd Phillips was trying to do his own Wolf of Wall Street, and while the movie is nowhere near as good, it's certainly fun and interesting.
0.8172 Wow, congrats dude!

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-0.8462 Clunky and takes a while to get into, but the writing and world building make up for some of the gameplay flaws, like the combat or the terrible terrible inventory system.
-0.8176 Not to mention the low amount of health refills relative to the amount of damage enemies can do to you.
-0.7391 Not bad, but a lot of, "Cerberus/The Reapers are attacking this base.
-0.7383 Game is fun but the difficulty and checkpoint system are very frustrating.
-0.5773 I didn't care too much for how you can't change things like face, nose, or brow shape without changing default templates.
-0.5256 It really suffers mostly from having to condense the book's plot into 2 hours, which means that the second half of the movie just feels rushed and the main plot feels underdeveloped.
-0.4927 It can make parts of it really frustrating.
-0.4874 The character creator feels weirdly scaled back and I'm not sure why.
-0.4767 It's a shame the movie couldn't keep that feel going.
-0.4385 Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but I've always found the SoulsBourne games to be quite ominous and spooky.
-0.4255 Go here and stop them." Also I don't know if it's just me, but it doesn't run that well on PS3.
-0.4215 Now I regret it all the time and I'm buying tickets if they do a tour for the new album.