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0.8402 I don't know about a Guinness record, but there should definitely be a prize.
0.8123 This is so adorable :)
0.81 No I don't know that you suck but I sure hope some ladies are giving it a try at least.
0.8074 Now that is pretty awesome.
0.8074 It is a pretty great V
0.7964 You sure look like you are having fun.
0.7845 Definitely the best.
0.7845 Pretty much perfect
0.7845 I'm a huge fan of how you are made of impressive muscles and sex appeal.
0.7832 You look pretty ready so far ;)
0.7783 It is real, my girl friends will often make assumptions about a guys personality based on how fit he is. Like being fit makes a guy too high maintenance, or too vain.

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-0.5994 jawline to die for, and able to carry off a beard.
-0.5267 This just reminds me why cake pops are dead to me. No matter how cute the result, the effort is too much.
-0.4767 I don't get it, how is it wrong to seek to confirm if someone is sitting in parliament while eligible.
-0.4019 What a tease :o
-0.3089 My local member doesn't support gay marriage and he knows there are gay people in his electorate. Which reminds me to send him another screed.
-0.296 What gay people, didn't Bob himself say there were no gay people in his electorate?
-0.296 Do not use this as an excuse to be lazy
-0.296 Now I feel left out, no one is sending it to me.
-0.2755 This isn't anything like your scenario, this isn't an election.
-0.1027 Those abs :o
-0.0906 It really doesn't matter who spoke to New Zealand. I am personally looking up details for my homophobic local member.
0.0 Could be again if you actually wanted to.