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0.9445 Yes, that run would still have the kanji novelty :) definitely happy with how it came out the first run :D
0.9287 Best of luck for the future, I hope it all stays mostly positive and you've got two legs to stand on.
0.9246 Sweet :) hope you like them :)
0.9105 Woah, nice paint job :D that turned out really nicely, how do you like the cap itself?
0.9068 Let me know what you think :) Just FYI, this product is in Beta until I can get one printed for myself and verify it's all good and the dimensions are okay :)
0.9062 I love your hair, long or short :) it looks great
0.8908 I'm so happy to hear that :) Hopefully you can grab a set once the drop starts :)
0.8807 I like purple rain v2 :) looks interesting, keep it up :)
0.8602 Glad you like it :D
0.8591 A decent set of caps will cost you anywhere from $30+ depending how you like your caps and whether you want the pursuit of the perfect set to consume your soul :)
0.8555 If you need any more advice let me know :) I'm happy to help

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-0.6124 No problem :) I've done the same by accident a couple times
-0.5789 Build quality is fine for me with the standard case, but a far cry from the Pok3r's standard aluminium frame.
-0.5403 I'm no dev, but if this sub isn't much help, try over on xda
-0.4585 I wasn't happy with my title, previous post has been deleted
-0.4215 I too am baffled, they didn't ask for money or information or anything a catfish usually does, but then again I guess some people just want to mess with others.
-0.4019 Double pressing is a problem with the v60 firmware.
-0.3797 Honestly, I love it, but the standard keycaps are absolutely horrid.
-0.296 There's no one stage of mind that can be 'normal'.
-0.2732 Once that was done, I took a large drill bit and cut a circle in the bottom out for the DIP switches, and out the back for the port.
-0.2411 It is a little longer than the other sides, I tried to get a subtle wrist rest without being huge.
-0.1779 Thumb clusters being too big are just an inconvenience in my experience, whenever I wanted to use the further keys, I had to reposition my whole hand which was just inconvenient
-0.1531 I sure as hell I wish I had the guts to do it.