/u/Frodoteabaginz is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8442 You made it a lot better with that wonderful smile.
0.8316 I'd love to clean up your yummy mess you make.
0.8225 Love your sexy curves
0.8225 I'd love to lather up that sexy body of yours.
0.8176 Oh To have you on top of me with those nice thick hips and magnificent breasts swaying while you ride me.
0.8176 I'd want to cover your magnificent butt with kisses.
0.7964 I'd love to kiss and suck on your cute piggies.
0.7906 Hope yours was great too.
0.7906 I love it when a woman likes face sitting as much as I do.
0.7906 I'd love to be looking up at you while I kiss up your leg.
0.7845 Nice curves and great breasts.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6808 That's one hell of a flirt session.
-0.5615 Because I'll never leave that yummy hunny pot alone.
-0.5423 Your ass is phenomenal.
-0.4767 You do have some dangerous curves.
-0.4199 Thats a whole mess of hotness lady!
-0.3818 You can smother me with that perfect ass anytime.
-0.3612 That nipple looks lonely.
-0.3566 There really is no decision to make.
-0.296 Those pesky boobs have a mind of there own.
-0.2656 OK no worries.
-0.25 I'd eat your ass like it was my birthday cake.
-0.1742 You have a very nice ass.