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0.765 The black addidas shoes were developed in the early 2000s and are comfortable as heaven.
0.7003 This means more long time contracts, better payment, better healthcare and a lot of other stuff.
0.6597 Well, the Kaiserreich timeline portrays France as way too strong.
0.5423 Even in peace time it was a beast with 495.000 under arms and half of them professionel soldiers.
0.4927 The only possibility to get enough people is by making the military more attractive than the private economy.
0.4588 The only two countries that could have challenged the Kaiserreich after winning WWI would have been the US and Britain.
0.4588 so if Germany had won World War I, the 20th century would have been comparatively peaceful?
0.4391 Really hoped this wouldn't get posted here.
0.4215 Bei Marvel wre er wohl eher durchschnittlich aber besser als Captain America und Thor.
0.3412 Don't worry, we learnt from the past.
0.34 One hundred and fifty SS fanatics with ammunition and foodstuffs stored in the structure to last three months dug themselves in and were determined to hold out as long as their supplies.

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-0.7783 If not for Bush senior and the tories she would have tried to block it untill death.
-0.7351 France didn't have the capacity to wage another war and Russia would have lost its most industrialized areas.
-0.6808 soldier stands in the middle of rubble in the Monument of the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig after they attacked the city on April 18, 1945.
-0.6369 Kohl and Thatcher hated each other and he used every oppurtunity to not having to see her.
-0.636 Ein klare Nachricht an die Brger: "Fickt euch!" Richtete das fr dich.
-0.6249 The Kaiser releaved Von Throta off his command and it caused a government crisis in Berlin.
-0.5994 Darum haben die Bergjuden seit 200 Jahren auch keinen Krieg verloren.
-0.5994 Die Strasser Brder waren auch recht links.
-0.5994 Except for a few Freikorps there wasn't any German intervention in the Russian civil war.
-0.5994 1956 gaben lediglich 48% der sterreicher an dass es so etwas wie eine sterreichische Identitt die getrennt von der deutschen ist gbe.
-0.5994 Aber ich finde die Hotelsteuer auch dufte, also von daher.
-0.5994 Machen zwei andere Bundeslnder doch auch schon, zumindest mit ehemaligen Feldjgern da die groe Teile der Polizeiausbildung scheinbar schon haben.