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0.7417 Bser Neoliberalismus!"-Rhetorik nicht ziemlich unglaubwrdig gemacht als er gesagt hat dass er Macron so super findet und in ihn den richtigen Kandidaten fr Frankreich sieht?
0.5574 Germany has the biggest Japanese expat community in Europe and both countries share a lot of common security concerns.
0.5562 Deutsch Sd-West strong!
0.5267 The Zimmermann Telegramm didn't simply ask Mexico to attack the US, but was a defensive agreement.
0.4939 to agree to the cooperation in Serbia of the organs of the Imperial and Royal Government in the suppression of the subversive movement directed against the integrity of the Monarchy;
0.4939 The black hand and Princip weren't an oddity with their assasinations, the Serbian military pulled such stunts repeatedly.
0.4889 She has a degree in nuclear chemistry and has ruled her country more or less successfully for the last 12 years.
0.4588 There were quite a few natives that were happy to support the Germans in order get revenge on their former oppressors.
0.4588 This is may favorite comic of all time.
0.4588 Back then Russia backed off from supporting Serbia for a short time.
0.4404 Stay classy reddit.

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-0.891 It was still one of the major powers on the continent and managed to fight a three front war for 4 years. And the claim that the demands were too harsh is questionable too.
-0.8658 It asked that, in the case that the US declared war on Germany, Mexico would join the war on Germanys side and attack the US.
-0.8316 Man sagt ja immer die Italiener knnen nicht Autofahren, aber die Iren sind da tausend mal schlimmer.
-0.8316 Sowohl die CDU, CSU als auch die SPD machen seit 98 mit russischsprachigen Flyern Werbung.
-0.8316 Hab meine Abi-Arbeit ber Pdagogik in der DDR geschrieben, gibt einen ziemlich interessanten Teil ber die Militarisierung der Jugend und die dabei genutzten Methoden.
-0.8074 After the war he was a leftist that wrote papers about the German conspiracy.
-0.7506 to suppress every publication which shall incite to hatred and contempt of the Monarchy, and the general tendency of which shall be directed against the territorial integrity of the latter;
-0.7506 Actually that was already setteled in 1870 when Germany forced France to repay the exact amount of money it forced the German states to pay under Napoleon.
-0.7003 Look up Slavery in the area.
-0.6808 How the hell could he not see/hear that.
-0.6486 Not really, Trumps talk about protectionism and criticism of foreign automobile companies has antagonized many Japanese business leaders.
-0.6326 Ich sehe das ungefhr so wie wenn die Kritiker Laibach vorwerfen Faschisten zu sein.